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SharePoint based Idea Management application

“The company owner doesn’t need to win. The best idea does.” ― John C. Maxwell
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The best and the brightest ideas come from within the organization. How do you enable your employees to contribute to the growth of the organization? Wave – An Idea Management Tool is a powerful tool to capture ideas and can play a great role in fostering employee involvement. This tool allows moderators to review, like and comment on ideas. Concerned person can approve/reject ideas based on the moderator’s comments.
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Salient Features

Role based access
Workflow mechanism


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Office 365
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Suitable for

  • Organizations interested in leveraging their employees’ innovative ideas and in turn facilitate the growth of the organization.

Return on Investment

  • Access to Pool of Ideas
  • Quick Idea Evaluation
  • Cost and Time Saving
  • Bond between Employees and Enterprise


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