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Mesh – A Modern Intranet

Organisations worldwide have long been experiencing the numerous benefits associated with deploying a comprehensive intranet system. Fundamental changes in employee needs and expectations are forcing IT leaders to rethink the position and role of their intranet in the digital workplace. There seems to be a growing necessity for the intranets to be much more intelligent.

Mesh is mobile ready and 100% compatible with the official Microsoft SharePoint app

Mesh is an intranet accelerator solution using which organizations can get started with their intranet journey. It comes with a host of different features for communication, collaboration, social, authoring and more.  It is ready to use intranet that can be deployed on Office 365 and SharePoint Online. It leverages all the features of SharePoint Online for communication and collaboration features and the Yammer for social features. Mesh can also leverage cognitive, AI and ML services in Microsoft Azure to bring in intelligent experiences in the digital workplace.

Mesh comes with a companion bot “MeshBOT" providing rich self-services user experience

Did you know:
“Mesh was born on the same day that Microsoft launched Office 365”

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