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An employee centric and self-governed integrated digital workplace with intelligence infused using AI.
 Transform the way your organization communicates, collaborates, search and share information

Mesh 3.0 – An Autonomous Intranet


Mesh 3.0 equips your employees and users with a single point of access to personalized information tailored based on your activities, Geo, preferences, teams, etc. Our autonomous digital workplace helps organizations in unlocking untapped knowledge, streamlining processes and creates a seamless yet effective global network – providing a central hub for breaking down silos. 

By 2024, “everyday AI” services will be essential, but largely invisible in daily work activities. – Gartner

Going well beyond basic content management, into collaboration, social interaction, application delivery, employee communications and mobile support, the emerging technologies are facilitating New Work Nucleus. The crux of modern digital workplace is hence being redesigned. To that effect, artificial intelligence combined with machine learning and knowledge graphs have been employed in Mesh 3.0. We have turned these specific technologies into effective business capabilities using Mesh 3.0.

Mesh Intranet Platform

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Why Mesh ?

Intranet productivity and collaboration

Boost Productivity & Collaboration

Avoid tedious tasks of reinventing or accessing relevant information in your organizational memory. AI infused intranet software solution, Mesh acts as a single platform for sharing information, boosting productivity, communicating, socializing and collaborating, creating a smarter digital workplace.

Enhance business efficiency

Inefficient data management directly impacts business efficiency with employees spending 1.8hrs daily in information gathering. Mesh offers a centralized storehouse that efficiently addresses data mismanagement with enhanced search and indexing that saves time, amplifying the overall business efficiency.
Intranet - Business Efficiency
Employee Engagement

Increase Employee Engagement

Digital Workplace can enhance employee engagement factor and improve business growth. Powered with AI, Mesh is a multi-featured collaborative internet where employees can share, connect and engage effectively in the organization. Both business and employees thus becoming smarter!

Portal Showcase

Mesh Portal Showcase

Mesh - Autonomous Features

Knowledge management


Ungoverned intranets lead to a wild west situation leading to a plethora of unconnected intranet sites. But having numerous gates to the storing the organizational memory is also a hurdle on the other side. Our autonomous intranet imbues the vital applied AI elements in creating smart content repository with auto tagging minimizing the cluttered space and powering auto search.
Employee Collaboration And Communications

Collaboration and Employee Communications

Collaboration is an everyday experience and a foundational digital dexterity skill. Rationalizing, consolidating and unifying collaboration tools enables greater business agility and digital transformation. Mesh utilizes its core collaboration features available on teams to share content, engage your co-workers, customize interface, features and more.
Intranet Personalization And Customization

Personalization and Customization

Customized content delivery is the key for the overall adoption of an intranet in your organization. Powered with applied AI, Mesh functions to populate a recommended list of content based on user profile, interactions, teams, etc. Activity streams, group constructs, geographical preferences are leveraged to render tailored content experiences to add to the aspect of personalization for the employees, thus increasing the productivity.
Intranet integrations


Delivering access to commonly used applications devising a single user interface is the key expectation of a modern workforce. This includes a perfect blend of everyday LoB applications including HR, IT, etc. Mesh comes with a productivity corner where all the essential tools required are enabled. Also, its sophisticated framework supports integration with all kinds of LoB applications.
Intelligent intranet

Applied AI

Balance the need of information consumption by business and employees across all channels with AI. Mesh imbues AI to achieve auto tagging of content, improved targeting, content creation, knowledge management, improved recommendations and intelligent search. Besides the digital agent with a natural language engine and a machine-learning-driven decision engine is available round the clock.
intranet platform

Digital Experience

Autonomous intranet provides a flexible and agile platform that not only delivers the experiences, content, information, applications and services of today but also the innovations of tomorrow. A decade of experience has helped intensify all the aspects of the intranet software platform and constantly improving with apps, features and enhancements in every release.

AI in Mesh


By 2021, 80% of emerging technologies will have AI foundations. – Gartner

Imagine Information walking to the user than him finding it! That is very much possible now with the AI driven MESH. Powered by intelligence using Graph API, Machine Learning (ML) and Power Automate, MESH can help you with the right information at the right time. Several factors influencing the behavior patterns such as role, geography, tasks, team and department, etc. help map the relevant content accordingly.

Finding that one file when you need it urgently now becomes easy with the enhanced discoverability of MESH. Effective search is an outcome of the level of information discoverability. Using technologies like Cognitive Services, Insights, Text Analysis, Video and Audio facilitates better Indexing in the process of making the information in the enormous data in the organization searchable. Thus, MESH makes the task of info search quick and easy.

Looking for an employee to reach out to for some business but can’t find the relevant profile!
MESH uses Graph API, Machine Learning (ML) to generate a strong user profile based on their behavioral patterns, their search habits, roles, etc. Creative use of employee personas and journeys enhances your overall 0365 ecosystem and ensure higher levels of personalization.

Self-governance as the core thought, MESH has been modelled to be autonomous by exploiting and employing multiple latest AI driven technologies. Cognitive Services, Chatbot, RPA, Voice detection, Image detection, anything that one can commonly think of has been incorporated in this digital platform. AI thus drives this autonomous platform to enhance the digital model of intranet functioning.

Experience The Power Of Mesh

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MESH 3.0
Mesh 3.0 stands by the motto of ‘the right content at the right time to the right person’. An autonomous digital platform powered with AI, it finely manages the data for enhanced collaboration, communication and engagement
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