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Mesh – An autonomous employee experience platform that unites the enterprise workforce to communicate, collaborate, engage and fuel the digital transformation journey.

Mesh uses AI-driven technologies like Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, Voice detection, Image detection, Text analysis, Speech analysis to offer an agile way of working to enhance employee performance, productivity, and growth delivering a personalized employee experience.

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The 3 C's Of Mesh


Mesh is designed with a motto to bring ‘The Right Content At The Right Time To The Right Person’ delivering personalized user experience to enhance 3 C’s of the digital workplace – Communication, Collaboration, and Content.

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AI-Powered Personalization

To create a better digital experience, Mesh takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to extract relevant information and deliver personalized recommendations enhancing the employee experience, engagement, and productivity.

It pushes personalized and tailored real-time insights to employees based on their roles, responsibilities, geo, activities, interests, and teams transforming the digital workplace experience boosting intranet adoption rates.

By 2024, “everyday AI” services will be essential, but largely invisible in daily work activities – Gartner

AI & Automation
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Seamless Application Connectivity

Mesh comes with the dynamic capability of connecting with third-party applications like Office 365, SAP, Service Now, SalesForce, Workday, PeopleSoft, Salesforce, Kronos and much more popular applications providing employees with a single point of access to content and data.

It offers a collaborative digital workplace to transform everyday operations by integrating all applications into a single platform helping employees to stay focused and productive with engaging and customized experiences.

With this one-stop application hub, employees can manage the applications they work on, documents they refer to, and receive business updates on their intuitive dashboard in a single click empowering employee productivity.

Connecting At Figure Tips

Mesh makes it easier to find any business information that meets employee needs with AI-infused bot – MeshBOT.

This easy-to-use interface helps to narrow down the time in searching the relevant information by extracting and filtering tons of content and bringing back the relevant information.

As employees interact with the MeshBOT, it captures employees’ teams, roles, search patterns and pushes personalized information within the chat interface making information available at employee figure tips.

It also empowers employees to optimally utilize the autonomous digital workplace platform and increase intranet adoption.

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Cognitive Enterprise Search

Enterprise-wide information discoverability can create a collaborative digital workplace experience between teams, functions, and employees in geographic locations.

According to the IDC, today’s worker spends 30% of their workday searching for information. Using a powerful enterprise search function, employees can surf information from anywhere in any device within no time.

Mesh leverages AI enriched Azure Cognitive Search Services to mine organizations’ knowledge base and instantly indexes all the content. This enables enterprises to connect and integrate information from an inexhaustible list of sources on a single platform enhancing workplace experience.

User Experience

Mesh is designed to create a pleasant, intuitive and clear navigation experience. The streamlined and personalized elements provide instant access to content for better employee collaboration and experience.

It is also flexible to customizable the user dashboards where employees can organize apps, documents, and other information according to their needs. Employees can simply add, update, or remove elements from their personalized dashboard view with a simple drag and drop process with the best digital experience.

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