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A Comprehensive Intranet Solution

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Mesh – A comprehensive intranet solution which caters to the needs of the business like improving communication and collaboration with in the organization. The solution can be scaled up or down depending upon the needs of an organization. This solution gives further return on investment if you combine it with extensions by deploying its reusable workflow components or reusable packaged solutions.

It can be deployed across devices and give a consistent experience.

Salient Features

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Top Down Communication

Top-down communication emphasizes management hierarchy and transfers information about announcements, management speaks, news and events from a higher level of management to each level of employees in the organisation.

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Bottom Up Communication

Bottom-up communication enables employees at the forefront of an organization to present their innovative ideas, share their opinions, concerns, suggestions etc. that impact employee engagement and fuel organization growth.

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Lateral Communication

Employees at a specific authoritative level should collaborate with staff for effective growth. Mesh comes with features that support collaboration and boosts lateral communication by sharing information about birthdays, work anniversaries etc.

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Collaboration And Productivity

Collaboration activities give organizations the advantage of enhanced coordination between employees. Mesh gives quick access to communicate and collaborate using quick links, people directory, communities, my wall, discussion forums, internal classifieds etc.

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Mesh is the right platform for efficient usage of the knowledge resource to make business process smarter and better. Features like resource center, wiki pages, and enterprise search, etc. are incorporated to gain optimum results leaving more room for productive work.

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Intelligence And

Chatbots are a smart and personalized approach to handle the user’s query. They automate responses to frequently asked questions and streamline mundane, labour-intensive tasks for various departments. They also work 24/7 to help drive adoption and keep your employees engaged.


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Suitable for

  • All organizations interested to improve collaboration and manage organizational knowledge.

Return on Investment

  • Continuous Collaboration
  • Constant Employee Engagement
  • Employee Self-sufficiency
  • Content Governance and Compliance


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