Accessing Business Intelligence Dashboards Within An Intranet Poonam Chug August 3, 2020

Accessing Business Intelligence Dashboards Within An Intranet

Accessing Business Intelligence Dashboards Within An Intranet

Accessing and keeping constant track of business KPIs and reports is hard. CxOs, VPs, managers and other senior management leaders need to continuously monitor different types of KPIs relevant to their role. But in order to access them, they have to undergo the tedious process of opening their Power BI app (or any Business Intelligence application for that matter), navigating through dashboards, and filtering based on the parameters.

This is a difficult workflow which doesn’t fit in the busy schedules of these leaders. Remember, the average employee switches between 35 job-critical applications more than 1,100 times every day.

Companies have developed loose workarounds to overcome this. In fact, during our conversations with large enterprise customers, we’ve found that many of them have deployed a dedicated person whose sole job is to take screenshots of the analytics reports in the Business Intelligence (BI) app and send them to senior managers via emails or publish them on intranets.

But, as you can probably guess, these static images won’t be either timely or interactive. By the time the report reaches a CxO, the data in it may not be up-to-date. And if a user needs deeper insights about a report, they again need to request and wait for a different screenshot.  

This lack of timely access to relevant data results in poor business decisions and lost opportunities.

Business Intelligence and Analytics workspace in a modern intranet.

To overcome the above-mentioned challenges, we’d like to present the possibility of surfacing BI and analytics dashboards within the home page of an intranet.

Modern SharePoint intranets like Mesh 3.0 are acting as a central hub of information for several organizations. With their flexible integrations with enterprise apps, intranets are enabling employees to get their work done with a unified interface of communication, collaboration and information sharing.

To take this innovation to the next level, we’re introducing the BI & analytics workspace capability in Mesh 3.0. By integrating the SharePoint intranet solution with your BI app like PowerBI, Tableau etc. you can access the live interactive analytics dashboards and reports within the intranet

How does the integration of business analytics apps with an intranet work?

Upon the intranet integration with a BI app, users can:

  • Subscribe to their desired BI dashboards and reports which will then surface on their intranet home page
  • Access interactive and the most up-to-date dashboards which can be drilled down
  • Click and open the dashboard in the respective BI app for further insights
  • Set and get personalized alerts on the needed KPIs either on the intranet home page or via an intranet chatbot
  • Get a personalized data experience: The intranet tailors the dashboards based on users’ role, department, location, interest etc.

Reduce the time to access business KPIs

By retrieving the needed BI reports within an intranet, business users can experience the following benefits:

  1. Reduce the time to find information on KPIs
  2. Have easy and quick access to relevant dashboards
  3. Improve decision making by getting the latest data and interactive reports to the fingertips
  4. Increase productivity by retiring workarounds like using a middleman to send reports’ screenshots
  5. Stay updated on changes in KPIs

Productivity Analytics In The Intranet

In addition to business analytics, Mesh 3.0 also features a personal productivity analytics capability which lets knowledge workers to track their work patterns and understand the time spent on different activities. Intranets can provide insights into how users are spending their time by analyzing

  • The usage data of the intranet
  • The usage data of productivity, communication and collaboration apps (Outlook, Office 365, SAP, Teams, etc.)
  • Enterprise search activity data

These reports provide productivity insights such as time spent on different projects, activities, meetings, collaboration with peers, etc. They also provide helpful suggestions on improving users’ productivity and work life.

Explore Mesh - An Autonomous SharePoint Intranet

Mesh 3.0 – world’s first autonomous intranet, features many more innovative capabilities like:

  1. Cognitive enterprise search
  2. AI-powered innovation management
  3. Azure knowledge mining
  4. Personalized content experiences based on users’ role, activities, interests, geo etc.
  5. Intranet chatbots
  6. Flexible integrations with 3rd party apps
  7. Collaboration and communication tools

Mesh is built with the best of Microsoft AI technologies like Azure, Graph, and LUIS. It provides a host of intelligent digital workplace features that are designed to meet the needs of a modern workplace.If you’d like to learn more about Mesh, please feel free to get in touch with one of our AI and digital workplace consultants for a personalized demo.

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