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World has changed drastically over the last two years and businesses cannot afford to work in the same old ways. Legacy environments were not designed for remote operations, unprecedented business demands and initiatives. They cannot capitalize on the new technologies or deliver the efficiency and agility that are needed for an enterprise to survive and thrive in such uncertain times. To be resilient and to keep pace with customers and competitors, enterprises MUST modernize their IT. 

Modernization enables enterprises to gain business intelligence from their own data, build cloud native apps, collaborate better and much more, by migrating to cloud and using new technologies. IT modernization includes migrating and modernizing various components of the IT landscape. To reap the benefits of modernization, enterprises need to come up with a holistic approach and plan their modernization journey carefully.

At Acuvate, we can help you accelerate your transformation journey by aligning your modernization strategy with your business goals. Our team of cloud computing experts will work with you to realize a faster, seamless and cost-effective migration, negating concerns like business disruption and downtime.

Infra Migration and Modernization

Data Migration and Modernization

Workplace Migration and Modernization

Application Migration and Modernization

Acuvate helps enterprises in migrating and modernizing their IT environment – Infra, Data, Applications and Workplace. Based on your business needs, immediate or long-term modernization goals, we provide end-to-end incremental or piecemeal modernization services.

Acuvate’s Impact

One of the world’s largest and leading consumer goods companies accelerated its Time To Innovation & saved 1500 person hours with Acuvate’s Data migration & Advanced Data Analytics Solution

water bureau responsible for supplying portable water
A water bureau responsible for supplying portable water for 8 million people anticipated water quality issues & initiated proactive corrective measures with Acuvate’s Data Modernization, ML and advanced analytics solution
A multinational law firm that operates
A multinational law firm that operates in 15 countries and employee around 1600 legal advisors, increased their revenue by 15% through better decision-making using the enhanced reporting system built by Acuvate
A global CPG leader with 40k+ workforce and $20Bn revenue ensured employee well-being & pandemic regulation within weeks using Acuvate’s return to work app built using Microsoft’s Power Platform

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Acuvate’s IT Modernization Platform

Our IT modernization platform offers a set of IPs, AI accelerators, solutions, and frameworks which will help you migrate and modernize your IT, reducing both costs and risks. With proven adoption methodologies, frameworks and cutting-edge AI accelerators, we can support you at every or any stage of your IT landscape Modernization journey, so that you stay relevant, resilient & ready for market.

What Makes Us a Trusted Transformation Partner


Microsoft 365


Data Analytics & Power
BI Implementations

100 TB

Content Migrated


Certified Experts




IT Modernization


An Information & Data
Migration Solution


Assesses, Recommends
Automates and
Accelerates Migration & Modernization


Helps Save up to
30% on Cloud Costs


Transparent and
Predictable Migration

Robust & Proven

Migration Framework

Near Zero

Downtime Migration


Faster time to Market


Proactive Monitoring
and support

Code-pattern Book

Best Practices from
Previous Implementations

Self Service

Reporting Systems

How Can We Help You

Data Migration and Modernization

Having a modern data estate is the first & foremost requirement for digital transformation. The key to success in today’s data-driven world is data.

Right (data+insights) = Right Decisions

We provide assessment services with IP, Database migration on premises and Azure, BI modernization and reports migration.

Digital Workplace Migration and Modernization

Transforming the workplace experience requires a holistic strategy. Be it migrating content, upgrading SharePoint, or building new apps, migrating and modernizing your workplace environments in a planned & phased manner can improve accessibility, productivity, collaboration and security. We can help with SharePoint/Content migrations as well as build modern applications using Power Platform and Teams Apps.

business-man-expanding-futuristic-virtual-screen-modern-tablet (2)
Application Migration and Modernization

The demand side of the business landscape is increasingly under pressure to meet the market’s changing needs, enhance value, & become more agile. Today’s modern enterprises need modern applications to innovate, scale, and drive growth.

We can help migrate, modernize, build, maintain and manage applications in the cloud.

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Infrastructure Modernization

We provide expertise on replacing legacy systems, rationalizing infrastructure footprint, and migrating to new cloud-native systems to help your businesses scale and innovate. We help organizations with infrastructure, Data center, Platform/Server, Azure Directory migration, Azure setup and configuration that aids in reducing cost and risk dramatically.

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Acuvate’s Accelerators

Introducing Optimum – Acuvate’s migration and governance solution that simplifies, expedites, and automates data and content migration processes with high accuracy.

With Optimum, you can assess the complexity of data, identify potential risks, get recommendations, predict costs, move data securely, and stay informed about migration progress and results.

Our Migration Framework

We deliver unparalleled efficiencies and accelerate time-to-value for our customers through our AI-powered solutions and services that can support you wherever on your transformation journey.

Discovery and

Migration Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Economic Assessment
  • Workshops with business stakeholders
  • Understand business need and scope
  • Evaluate TCO
  • Understand Detailed Portfolio/Workloads
  • Identify Target Cloud
  • Identify potential threats and roadblock & plan workarounds

Readiness and

Readiness and Planning
  • Apps Identification & Prioritization for Migration & Modernization
  • Landing Zone/Infrastructure Planning
  • Migration Governance
  • People, Skills, Change Readiness
  • Security, Risk and Compliance Planning
  • Define Migration Strategy
  • Migration Specific Texting Approach

Migrate and

Migrate, operate and Optimie at Scale
  • Environment build
  • Pre-Migration to validate migration strategy
  • Application & Infrastructure Migration in multiple sprints
  • Testing & Validation after each sprint and Deploy
  • Document Finding & Plan Fixes
  • Building Security Controls
  • Performance Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • UAT
  • Performance and Cost Optimization

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