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Employee performance and engagement are highly interlaced. Level of engagement has a huge influence on employees attitude, absence, turnover and productivity.

“By 2020, 20% of organizations will include employee engagement improvement as a shared performance objective for HR and IT groups” – Gartner

When employees feel disengaged, there is a high likelihood of noticing a drop in the quality of their work, a lack of desire to learn and an overall effect in productivity.

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The reality of the workplace as an experience is where all the ingredients of work including physical, emotional, intellectual, and aspirational quotients are carefully blended to motivate employees.

To bring back their interest and trust, organizations and employees need some renewed meaning from the work done and often require to encounter new challenges in the form of tasks and projects.

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Crowdsourcing innovation programs in the workplace form an integral part of an employee engagement strategy that can help in maintaining an engaged workforce.

According to PwC research, innovation remains the top priority for CEOs.

Acuvate’s Wave – An employee engagement and ideation software can help your organization in engaging your workforce using innovative programs creating new ways of improving workflow process, deliver solutions for any business challenge, sustain the best innovative ideas to carve a growth path for your business and give employees a voice in the business to foster a culture of engagement in the organization.

3 Steps To Peak Performance


Foster a culture of engagement

Culture is defined in multiple ways, but it truly comes down to how employees engage in an organization. Employee engagement software can make your employees feel valued, engaged and encourage them to participate in crowdsourced innovation programs flourishing an engaged and innovative culture.

Create an innovative environment

Employee engagement platform empowers a diverse workforce to collaborate, engage and ideate on organizational business challenges. Regardless of department, location, and management level, all individuals can collaborate and contribute ideas towards business growth creating innovative workplace environment.

Harness the voice of employees

Employee engagement software provides a platform to harness the voice of employees towards innovation, solving business challenges and aligning those with your business strategy. It also empowers your employees to create diverse solutions that bring valuable outcomes enhancing engagement with the organization.

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Why Wave As Your Employee Engagement Software?


Ideate And Collaborate

It helps you in capturing, evaluating, prioritizing and refining the brightest ideas with crowdsourcing features.

Solutions For Business Challenges

Wave can help you to set multiple business challenges and get productive ideas for new business initiatives.

Hassle Free Integration

It can be integrated into any messaging platform, operating system, social channels, analytics, mobile and cloud environment.

Dashboard And Reporting

It provides a unique report system about the idea status and count of ideas. The dashboard helps in the evaluation of ideas from various perspectives to make an effective decision.

Dashboard and Reporting

End To End Process

It can identify and capture the best ideas and ensures sustainable implementation through an effective, transparent workflow mechanism that includes board voting, performance review and evaluation of business impact.


It engages and encourages employees in idea contribution with gamification elements like rewards, points for ideation, contribution badges, progress bar and many more.

Gamification Approach

Wave Workflow


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