Ideate and Collaborate

Wave is designed to capture the innovative ideas of your employees. It provides a platform to submit ideas, collaborate, evaluate, prioritise and select ideas which are bright and can be executed to stay flexible and in sync with the fast-paced business paradigm of this age.


Solutions To Business Challenges

Today, enterprises face the challenges of determining the right ideas or solutions to drive business growth. Wave is further tailored to take up best ideas to address your business challenges. Recognizing and acting quickly on potential business ideas can keep you ahead of your competitors. The right solution makes it easier to create and choose between business models and help in growing your business.


Idea Management Process

Proper idea management process is the backbone of any successful innovation. Wave, as a platform systemizes the innovation lifecycle to efficiently ascend ideas to development. It makes it simple to capture the best ideas and quickly turn them into valuable new innovations. Business excellence moderators can review, comment, collaboratively score, nurture and evaluate the impact of new ideas to identify the most promising new initiatives.

Dashboards & Reporting

This feature of Wave provides you with meaningful dashboards to measure the success of innovation program within the organisation. Wave provides you extensive features for planning, controlling, and analysing ideas from various perspectives. It provides at a glance view of dashboard snapshots to make informed decisions on an idea portfolio. It provides extensive reports and diagrams for transparency in your idea management.



Wave comes with game mechanisms which encourage employees to dip their toes in interesting activities. Rewarding contributors through interactive games/challenges is an excellent method of employee engagement with positive results. Wave’s gamification feature includes exciting elements such as virtual points, achievement badges, achievement levels, leader boards with progress bars and other visual meters to motivate the players.


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