Success Stories Admin January 15, 2022
Ensure Driver Safety with Acuvate’s ML Solution Case Study
Acuvate’s ML solution leverages telematics and tachograph infringement data to predict the probability of accidents. Enhanced Driver Safety and Reduced Insurance Payouts
Unilever’s Baby Dove Offers Moms A Community They Can Trust While Reducing CAC by 85% With Chabot Built by Acuvate Case Study
Unilever - Baby Dove with the help of Acuvate, integrated an award-winning chatbot with the brand’s Facebook messenger to engage new parents in community-building efforts through relevant, hyper-personalized content and recommendations
Delivering Public Safety and Environmental Sustainability with Acuvate’s Digital Transformation Interventions Case Study
With Acuvate’s innovative tech-led solutions, a water supply department was able to automate penalizing violators, resolve citizen complaints quicker, enhance transparency in asbestos certification, and save up to $12.5 million/year.
Partner with Acuvate To Leverage Conversational AI for Exceptional Consumer Experience Case Study
A global technology corporation giant and one of the largest manufacturers of PCs and tablets enhanced their operational efficiency, accessed region-specific data in real-time, delivered exceptional customer experiences and saved approximately 35-40 minutes per report.
Acuvate’s Teams App Case Study
A metropolitan water bureau supplying potable water to 8 million people achieved 100% data integrity, witnessed time savings up to 80% with increased number of inspections and saved more than 75,000 sheets of paper annually With Teams App built by Acuvate
Seamless Process Optimization with Acuvate Case Study
A Frozen desserts company enhanced processes, optimized inventory, ran more effective campaigns, and increased sales by 17% and reduced ice-cream wastage by 22% with Acuvate’s Next-Gen IoT Solution.
Achieve Maximum Sustainability with Acuvate’s State-Of-The-Art Data & Sustainability Solutions CASE STUDY
A multinational consumer goods company achieved sustainability results by completely digitizing its supply chain & manufacturing, and by leveraging state-of-the-art end-to-end data solutions with reports built in power BI.
Accelerate Digital Transformation with Acuvate’s Data Modernization and Conversational AI Solutions CASE STUDY
A leading Telecom Provider enhanced operational efficiency, minimized diesel pilferage, and saved a MILLION dollars within the first year of implementation of IoT solution.
Customized Conversational Bots Powered by Artificial Intelligence Case Study
A CPG giant with over 400 brands adopted Acuvate’s BotCore as their prime customer experience platform, rolling out as many as 25 chatbots to converse with customers on varied topics, from haircare to beauty product recommendation and more and achieved 95% CSAT
Conversational AI Platform for Enhanced Employee Experience CASE STUDY
A British multinational consumer good giant with over 160,000+ employees adopted Botcore as their user experience platform, saved 47% employee time and improved CSAT by 30%
Accelerate Digital Transformation with Acuvate’s Data Modernization and Conversational AI Solutions CASE STUDY
The organization providing water supply to over 8 million people identified and corrected water issues in real-time, minimized SLA delays and achieved a 90% reduction in invoice processing time with Data Modernization. With a 24/7 employee chatbot freed up HR time up to 60 person weeks annually.
Accelerate Innovation with Acuvate’s End-to-End Data Analytics Solution Case Study
A global CPG major with presence in 190+ countries witnessed a staggering 30% increase in its innovation projects, a significant decrease in review time and saved up to 1500 person-hours with Acuvate's Innovation Insights.

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