WAVE - An Idea Management Tool


Your organization is a pool of ideas. Ideas which could lead to a breakthrough in your business, ideas which are sustainable and have potential for success. These ideas can help your business stay in sync with the developments in the everyday world, they can help you grow. The problem is, how to filter these ideas and start developing them? This is where Wave comes in.

What is Wave?

Wave is a SharePoint based idea management application that will help you find, filter and organize innovative and workable ideas from your organization. Wave fishes out fresh ideas that may work and find a way to pursue further development on them. That way it not only saves you time but also recognizes the innovative thinkers in your organization.

What will Wave do for you?

Wave will ideate & collaborate on sustainable options for growth. It will help you find solutions to business challenges. This tool will take care of the idea management process seamlessly. Among various other features, it also includes dashboards & reporting. Let your employees engage in brain-stimulating games and come up with bright new ideas with the help of Wave’s ‘Gamification’ options. Last but not the least important, Wave will provide you and your employees with the right platform for collaboration of new ideas.

Are you looking for the right solutions to your business challenges?

The answers maybe lurking around in your own organization. Wave is a two way gratification process. Your employees provide you with great new ideas and you recognize them by rewarding. This tool will maximize your chances of becoming an organization with innovation. Take advantage of the idea pool in your own organization, let your employees contribute to the growth of the company in more than one way. Once a workable idea is recognized Wave will bring the heads together with comments, review and scoring options. It will help you to kick off the idea in the right way. Find, nurture and develop the idea on one platform that provides and collaborates everything you need. …

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