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Remote Work Webinar V3

Remote Work: Leveraging AI And Collaboration Tools

Join this webinar to know:

1. How to maximize remote work productivity
2. Essential cloud workplace tools needed and
3. How best AI and collaboration tools simplifying remote co-working barriers

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Intranet Webinar Series

Webinar Series: Intranet in the New Normal

Webinar 1: Modern SharePoint Intranet – A Unified Hub For Remote Work Infused With AI

Webinar 2: Unlock Enterprise Collaboration On Your Way Back To New Normal

Webinar 3: Bridging Workplace Innovation Using Intranet

Webinar 4: Context & Relevance: Essential Vitamin In Intranet Search

Webinar 5: Enhancing Your Digital Workplace With Everyday AI

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essential apps fighting pandemic

Expert Webinar Series On Combating COVID-19

Webinar 1: Crisis Management Apps – In response to a global pandemic

Webinar 2: 24/7 IT Virtual Agents – Supporting your remote workforce anytime & everywhere

Webinar 3: Safety Health & Environment (S.H.E) Apps using Low code, Faster deployment - Track employee wellbeing during & post COVID19

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Rpa in Finance v1

Decode The Value Of RPA In Finance

Join this webinar to know:

1. What is RPA?
2. How can organizations bring RPA into play in Finance functions?
3. What are the significant challenges that RPA solves?
4. How you can automate mundane and repetitive tasks to optimize turnaround time and reduce costs?
5. Where are we noticing RPA utilization in financial processes?
6. Understand ROI you can gain from RPA
7. Get your FREE business case template to get started in your organization

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8 Effective Ways To Build A Sustainable Culture Of Innovation

Join this webinar to gain insights on:

1. What is the need for Innovation in any Organization?
2. Why should companies have a sustainable innovation culture?
3. 8 Effective ways to build a sustainable culture of innovation
4. How to influence participation and overcome typical obstacles, like a geographically distributed audience?
5. Good governance, monitoring and measurement in developing a sustainable program

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Trade v1

Overcoming Common Trade Promotion Optimization Challenges With AI

Trade promotion spending takes up a lion’s share of the organizational revenue in consumer Goods and retail businesses. However, companies have always struggled in optimizing their promotion mix for getting the maximum bang for the buck.

Challenges range from heavy reliance on spreadsheets, dependency on IT or MIS teams, inability to leverage data and measure trade promotion effectiveness and so on.

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mordan workplace

How AI Chatbots Are Revolutionizing The Modern Workplace

Providing your employees with modern tools and technologies is imperative to deal with the evolving business needs and stay competitive. According to Gartner, by 2021, more than 50% of enterprises will spend more per annum on bots and chatbot creation than traditional mobile app development. This webinar explores the numerous opportunities provided by enterprise chatbots for the modern workplace.

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Boosting Employee

How Modern Intranets Are Boosting Employee Adoption Rates

1. Why traditional intranets have low adoption rates and are not used regularly?
2. What is a modern intranet?
3. The essential features of a modern intranet
4. The latest trends of intranet Information Architecture, UX, navigation, etc.
5. Real-life examples and case-studies of modern intranets driving adoption
6. How you can get started right away?

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artificial intelligence show

Uncover The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In The Consumer Goods And Related Industries

1. What is AI and its importance?
2. The significance of AI in the CPG business
3. The use cases of AI in marketing, sales, supply chain & revenue management
4. How can IT leaders embrace AI?
5. Case studies and Real-life examples
6. How you can plan your AI strategy?

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Next Gen Intranets

Key User Experience Principles To Follow For Next-gen Intranets

Whether you are an intranet application leader or administrator or a key stakeholder or an IT/HR decision-maker, join this webinar to

1. Get an overview of Intranet UX
2. Understand what Intranet users look for
3. Learn key principles to follow for a better UX
4. Discover the role and best practices of Conversational User Experience (CUX) in the intranet

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SharePoint banner v1

5 Easy Steps To Plan Your SharePoint Migration

Business runs better with SharePoint and migration is an opportunity to bring governance to existing processes. Handle the slippery slope of Migration and plan in advance to minimise the impact with these 5 easy steps. Register now to know how to do this with ease and improve your collaboration and productivity using SharePoint in your organisation.

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enterprices world

Bots, The New Face Of The Enterprise World

Join our webinar and learn:

1. Microsoft Bot Framework and its uses
2. Use Cases for Enterprise Chatbots
3. A quick demo of enterprise chatbots by Acuvate
4. Sneak peek into Acuvate’s Bot Core – Enterprise ChatBot Builder Platform

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Intelligent Intranets

1. How can you make collaboration seamless across geographically dispersed teams?
2. How can you break free from language barriers?
3. How do you measure the effectiveness of your intranet content?
4. How can AI Bots revolutionize your communication strategies and experiences?

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