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Innovation is the key to match the pace of a nimble business landscape. And your organisation is a pool of innovative ideas. However, many of these ideas remain scattered and unknown in absence of an effective innovation management software.

Acuvate’s Wave is a SharePoint-based idea management application which empowers you to collect, evaluate and select bright ideas from your employees and help you stay ahead of the competition and in sync with the developments.

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Ideation And

Innovation management software is a platform for all your employees to submit ideas, evaluate them and select the best one which is viable and fits your business requirements.

Solution-oriented Framework

A framework such as this can give you multiple possible solutions to the grave challenges your business is facing. It can help you retain the edge over the competition.

Idea Management Process

Bigger Pool
Of Ideas

A proper idea management establishes a culture of innovation in your firm. It enables you to invite ideas from your entire employee-base and creates a large pool or innovative ideas.

Inclusive Workplace


The platform to share ideas brings people closer to find solutions to the dominating concerns of the business. Working towards a common goal helps in builds an inclusive workplace.

Why Wave?


Idea Management Process

Wave facilitates in identifying and capturing the best ideas and executing them. Wave also ensures their sustainable implementation, and through a panel voting, reviews their performance and evaluates their impact on business.

Rewards To Bright Minds

Wave not only encourages the acknowledgement of the ideas shared by your employees, it also provides a framework to reward the employees for their ideas and collaboration.

Dashboard and Reporting

Dashboard And Reporting

The software brings scalability to your innovation management programmes through organised reporting and dashboard. The dashboard helps you evaluate the ideas from various perspectives and make an informed decision.

Gamification Approach

Gamification Approach

Wave infuses gamification element into your idea management activities. Your employees are thrilled to be participants as it provides points for ideation, contribution badges, progress bar etc.

Easy Integration

Wave can be accessed on your preferred operating system, messaging platform or device. You can also integrate it with analytics and cloud.

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