AI-Powered Autonomous Digital Intranet Poonam Chug July 17, 2020

AI-Powered Autonomous Digital Intranet

AI-Powered Autonomous Digital Intranet

Why Mesh?

  • Built With The Best Of Microsoft Technologies: Azure, Graph, LUIS and more!
  • Boost Productivity & Collaboration
  • Enhance Business Efficiency
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Central Information Hub to create a “connected” workforce.
  • 14+ Years Experience in Microsoft & Digital workplace Technologies

Knowledge Management

Mesh 3.0 uses applied AI to create a smart content repository with automated metadata management and tagging. This improves search relevance, context of recommendations and information discoverability.

Cognitive Search

An AI-powered centralized search that connects all your enterprise applications. Have a Bing-like search experience and reduce the time to find information.


Deliver highly personalized content experiences to users. Leverage AI to recommend the right content to employees based on their activities, interests, roles, locations and preferences. Let information find you!

Communication and Collaboration

Get recommendations on connecting with the right subject matter experts based on your activities and preferences. Enable multidimensional communication, facilitate idea management,
celebrate employee achievements and more!

Flexible Integrations

Mesh 3.0 connects all your enterprise applications like SAP, Office 365, SAP, SalesForce, WorkDay, ServiceNow, Kronos, PeopleSoft and more. and brings them together under one umbrella. Have a single-window view to get work done!

Enterprise chatbots

Use chatbots to make your intranet easily accessible anywhere and anytime. Access intranet content seamlessly via natural language chats. Drive adoption by bringing information to the fingertips.

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