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Application Migration & Modernization Services

Modernize the Core, Maximize the Experience & Be Today’s Modern Enterprise

Today’s market demands intelligent and agile business applications. From a startup to a global conglomerate, every business is willingly or unwillingly in this race to be the first. And for that they need scalable, agile and accessible applications suitable for this cloud-first digital world. The only way to achieve that is by transforming your outdated apps and traditional development methods into modern applications.

Acuvate is there to help enterprises modernize their core applications in order to create unmatched digital experiences. We help you migrate quickly, safely and build future-ready applications using our AI accelerators and solutions. With our proven frameworks, methodologies and our team of cloud experts, we have been helping enterprises migrate and modernize their IT at speed for over a decade.

Acuvate's Impact

A Metropolis Water Bureau responsible for maintaining water tunnels and reservoirs, automated and digitized their entire business process and saved up to 80% time, achieved 100% data integrity with a MS Teams App built by Acuvate
Europe’s largest exploration and production company modernized their material management process for greater efficiency with Acuvate’s Power Apps Solution that modernized the material request process for different disciplines with options to notify relevant users.

We can help you find the best strategy

How Can We Help You

Application Assessment

Analyze existing IT landscapes, determine scope, architecture, assess security and risks, and define a roadmap.

application migration
Application Migration

Rehost legacy applications or migrate apps to Azure cloud.

Application Modernization
Refactor or rearchitect legacy applications using DevOps & CI/CD processes, containers & serverless approaches.
Cloud-native Application Development

Rebuild or build new apps (in case of Replace) using Microsoft PowerApps, or Microservices and cloud native capabilities.

Acuvate’s Accelerators

  • Automate cloud resources
  • Gain complete visibility of resources, pipelines
  • Enable DevOps and automation CI/CD pipeline setup for new apps
  • Validate and automate deployments
  • Build cloud-native apps quickly by deploying and managing containers and more
  • Reduce TCO
  • Save 30% on cloud costs
  • Monitor Azure resources
  • Detect anomalies
  • Optimize cloud resource usage
  • Grant role-based access
  • Approve cloud spend

Why Choose Acuvate

Dedicated Team of Experts

A cross-functional and dedicated team of industry’s best engineers, solution architects and support staff to offer you the right support right when you need it.

Proven Industry Experience

Combined, our digital experts have decades of experience in assisting enterprises in managing their on-premises and cloud-native architectures.

Fail-proof Methodologies

15 years of experience in serving some of the leaders gives you an edge over others. And that’s where our strength lies as our approach and methodologies are applauded by many.

Why Choose Acuvate

Key Differentiators



Zero Disruption

Migration to Azure using proven frameworks

Near Zero



IT Modernization

Our Solution

Optimum Assesses, Recommends, Automates & Accelerates App Migration and Modernization

Our AI Accelerator

ACO Helps Save up to 30% on Cloud Costs


Provision & Deprovision of Cloud Resources using Infrastructure as Code


setup of CI/CD pipeline to enable DevOps


model to monitor Azure resources & setup approval mechanisms


scripts for testing, integration and release cycles


proactive monitoring and support

AI powered

Anomaly Detection identifies unused resources

A complete guidebook for Application Modernization

Latest Thoughts & Insights

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