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2-Day Google Generative AI for Enterprise Workshop

Acuvate is proud to present a power-packed Google Generative AI For Enterprise Workshop designed to gain proficiency in Google Generative AI, identify high-value use cases, and leave with a customized roadmap for AI-driven success. 

1-Day Azure Data Migration

Have data workloads that needs to be migrated to Azure ? This workshop is a hands-on workshop that prepares you with a strategy & Plan and gets you ready for the Data workload migration to the cloud.

2-Day Basic to Intermediate and AI in Power BI Workshop

Exploring on Power BI ? At the end of this workshop, you would have built your own good-looking dashboard to get insights from the data. This will take you from basic to intermediate making you leverage the AI capability of Power BI for cleaning data and building reports with data modeling best practices.

2-Day Azure Synapse Analytics and Purview Workshop

Hands on workshop to implement end to end Azure synapse analytics workspace with Serverless, Apache Spark, Synapse link , Power BI and Azure ML. Data ingestion, Data Exploration , Data warehousing and Big data analytics are covered.

14-Day Azure Synapse Analytics Data Modernization Pilot

Aligned with the Azure cloud adoption framework to build and deploy a pilot data workload on Azure synapse workspace including Synapse analytics serverless, with all the necessary data pipelines for data transformation using Apache spark. Part of the pilot will include a Power Bi report and a ML use case to demonstrate the end-to-end migration and modernization of data estate.

10-Day Azure OLTP Data workload Migration Pilot

During this pilot, we will work with your Business and IT to review and understand your current data landscape, IT availability , OLTP databases , security , scalability , application structure to arrive at the recommendations for modern data platform creating an Azure Data migration roadmap. We will also help you migrate a OLTP data workload to Azure giving you end to end visibility of how Data workloads can be moved to Azure and validated.

3-Day Pre-Migration Assessment Workshop

During this pre assessment, we will work with IT people to assess and understand your current legacy systems like Content, Apps, Security to arrive at the recommendations on migration plan for Content and Apps. We also help you in identifying the risks and possible mitigations for these migration.

1-Day App in a Day

During this workshop, we will work with Business and IT people to guide and train them on how Power Apps will help them in delivering applications very quickly.

10-Day Deployment: PowerApps in Teams Pilot

During this pilot, we will work with your Business and IT to review and understand your Business needs to arrive at the recommendations  building PowerApps and integrating them as Teams Apps. We will also help you package the 3rd party apps as Teams App and deployment steps to Production environment.

3-Day Deployment: Teams App Template Workshop

During this workshop, we will work with your Business and IT to review and understand how existing predefine templates helps your business. We will also help you deploy the identified App as a Teams App, which will help for better user experience.

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