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Robotic Process Automation

Low-code bots for driving away business complexity

Easy to Use RPA That’s Easy to Scale

Unleash the transformative power of RPA to overcome every operational and technical vulnerability while reducing human errors and building the capability to handle critical yet time-consuming issues in the most efficient way. Acuvate’s future-ready RPA services are designed to help enterprises achieve accuracy, consistency, speed, productivity, reliability, and more.
RPA That’s Easy to Scale

Impact of Acuvate's Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

A US-based pharma leader
A US-based pharma leader reduced its E2E backend process by 21+ members while maintaining 80-90% accuracy and efficiency by deploying a supply chain bot.
A US government organization
A US government organization significantly slashed down the time required to monitor web and window applications by 124 minutes with the help of a service desk bot built by Acuvate.

Intelligent Automation - Trusted by the best

200+ enterprises worldwide including several Fortune 500

Achieve More with Acuvate Robotic Process Automation Software

Lower repetitive tasks, Higher efficiency.

Streamlined processes, Maximized outcomes.

Faster solution, Happier customers.

Top Use Cases for Robotic Process Automation

Top Use Cases for RPA

Get the Right Support in Each Phase of Your Business Process Automation Journey

Phase of Your RPA Journey

What Makes Our Robotic Process Automation Software the Best in Industry

Unmatched Capabilities

Unmatched Capabilities

  • Expertise on all Industry leading RPA Tools [UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Microsoft Power Automate]
  • Certified Professionals
  • Partnership [accredited with Microsoft Gold Partner, UiPath Silver, Nintex, etc.]

ROI-driven Approach

  • Low code- No code approach
  • Non-intrusive implementation
  • To propose and design easily scaled operations
  • Proven Execution Methodologies
  • Ability to achieve ROI in RPA projects in short time slices such as 6-8 weeks
Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience

  • ITSM, PR to PO creation, Invoicing Process, Employee On-boarding, Application Testing
  • IT, Finance, HR, Supply Chain & Logistics, FMCG, CPG
  • 30+ RPA Implementations
  • 50+ Use cases deployed across 6 verticals & more

Expertise in AI & Automation

  • Low code- No code approach
  • Non-intrusive implementation
  • To propose and design easily scaled operations
  • Proven Execution Methodologies
  • Ability to achieve ROI in RPA projects in short time slices such as 6-8 weeks

Our Intelligent Automation Services

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Get the best RPA consulting services to analyze your exact needs, identify business problems and find the right solutions with our best-in-industry assessment tools and process discovery approach.

We Offer:

Pilot & PoCs

Pilot & PoCs

As intelligent RPA is not an IT project but a business-led program, it’s crucial to determine the make or break factors. Our team of experts take a strategic approach to create the PoC and RPA pilots to help you maximize your ROI.

We Offer:



The journey towards a successful RPA adoption begins with single steps of mindful implementation, both operational and cultural. At Acuvate, we use the best practices derived from our 100+ successful implementations to empower your workforce and scale RPA deployments.

We Offer:

Bot Support

Bot Support

To ensure a successful and resilient journey with RPA, we provide the best-in-class RPA bot maintenance and monitoring support, both corrective and preventive and free your in-house developers to focus on more valuable tasks.

We Offer:

Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

To realize the greater RPA vision, we assist businesses in setting up a Center of Excellence (CoE) as part of their RPA journey. As RPA is here for a long-run, a CoE helps a business embed the technologies and create a scalable, self-sustainable expert model.

We Offer:


RPA Migration Service

Migrate to Power Automate with ease and unlock new possibilities for streamlined and efficient automation. Our migration service ensures a smooth transition and allows you to harness the power of Power Automate’s deep integration with Microsoft products such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform.

We Offer:

Our Partners

Our Strategic Execution Approach

  • Gain understanding of business processes and shortcomings
  • Process Mining
  • Identify opportunities and setup CoE for at least one LOB
  • Identify possible use cases and the right fit for automation
  • Establish the CoE to support company wide
  • Define key metrics to measure
  • Process Alignment
  • Tools Expertise
  • Establish Dev, QA, environments
  • Templates & Checklists
  • Enterprise level Automation solution Architecture and Integration Approach
  • Process Definition/Templates
  • Develop training programs
  • Create integration frameworks & management dashboards
  • Standardize security & release governance models
  • Technical Best Practices
  • RPA now a part of the operational and technology fabric
  • RPA is now core to any new product development or project
  • Virtual workspace a part of any annual planning activity
  • Focus on skills and competencies

How Can We Help You

Attended Bot

Get a virtual assistant always ready at your service to assist with repetitive front-office tasks.

Unattended Bot

Get a virtual assistant always ready at your service to assist with repetitive front-office tasks.

Cognitive RPA

Leverage the combined power of automation and cognitive technologies to provide your teams with right information to make decisions, meet goals and more.

Workflow Automation

Allow us to design, streamline, execute and automate a series of repetitive tasks and liberate your teams for the mundane processes.

Process Automation

Simplify your business process by streamlining the entire system removing human inputs and incorporating the right tools, techniques and people.

Run Books & Scripts

Get self-service access to operations such as incident management, business continuity, service requests and more without the help of subject matter experts.

The Power Automate from Microsoft

The Power Automate from Microsof

Consider Microsoft Intelligent Automation if you want…

Single, cloud-based automation platform

Robust Artificial Intelligence

Boost productivity with process mining

Easy Seamless integration with cloud flows to start automating with RPA

Easy to start automating with RPA

Why Acuvate's Intelligent Business Process Automation


RPA Implementations


Use cases deployed across
6 verticals


Back Office


Front office robots

500 customers

Solutions deployed for Fortune


productivity improvement

Business process

impact (ROI)


Resources were freed





Production hours saved per quarter

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At Ignite 2019 in Orlando, Microsoft announced a number of updates to its prestigious Power Platform. And as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we couldn’t be more excited.


One is an approach to optimizing business processes in order to achieve maximum efficiency and value while the other is designed to automate individual repetitive tasks. But that’s just the tip.


The quick-to-integrate nature of RPA is what makes it capable of being implemented in a matter of weeks, showing results quickly.


RPA has helped our clients and many large organizations across industries to automate a myriad of repetitive tasks and reduce costs. Here’s a breakdown of the Top RPA Use Cases across industries that you should be aware of.

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