How AI Can Help CPG Companies Increase Revenue And Margins? Admin December 25, 2021

AI Technologies Will Be in Almost Every New Software Product by 2020

– Gartner

Artificial Intelligence offers a myriad of opportunities, use cases and automation for the 21st century enterprise. The fast-moving and disruptive environment of the CPG business demand the usage of modern technologies in order for companies to stay relevant.

While the use cases of AI range across industries, this podcast focuses on the current practical applications of AI for the CPG business and how companies are leveraging AI to drive revenue.

Listen to this podcast to get answers to the following questions.

  • AI is a huge field. It is still evolving and often misunderstood. Can you define the term Artificial Intelligence for the audience?

  • Why does the CPG industry need AI?

  • What are some current practical applications of AI in the CPG industry?

  • Can you split the use cases by department?

  • Can you give some case studies of how CPG companies are witnessing revenue boost with AI?

  • The AI paradigm is still in an evolving phase. How should IT leaders embrace and introduce AI into their systems and what ROI and cost reductions can they expect?

  • There are many AI technologies available today, how should CPG Business leaders strategize their investments for high ROI?

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