Data Migration & Modernization Services Admin August 4, 2021

Rapid decision-making requires right insights at the right time. In the face of disruption, your business needs all actionable insights to deliver products, services, decisions effectively. Business users need to be enabled to leverage data in everyday decisions. The world is moving towards predictive and prescriptive analytics. Disparate data sources and dated data structures become an impediment in this. You need to build modern and relevant processes in how your source, store, interpret, and consume data. Agile and modernized data estates enables this.

With Acuvate’s data migration and modernization services, you can enhance customer experiences, drive top-line growth, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage. But more importantly, you have a partner you can trust, who understands your unique business needs and delivers tailor-made migration and modernization framework that works best for you.

Gain 50-60% cost reduction with Acuvate’s holistic data migration and modernization services

Challenges Are Milestones. Success is Acting on time.

Concerns in data migration and modernization journey

  • Source data complexity: Multiple legacy systems at source and poor understanding of data and their dependencies.
  • High cost: Expensive upfront hardware & software costs.
  • Data loss or corruption: Risk of losing or corrupting business-critical data during migration.
  • Security threats, data leaks: Security threats or data leak/access by unauthorized users.
  • Lack of skills: Organizations often don’t have inhouse skills to make the most of data migration and modernization.

Data migration and modernization with Acuvate addresses these concerns through

  • Simplified administration: Qualified experts analyze, advise, supervise entire migration. Minimized version control, simple backup & recovery mechanisms.
  • Optimized cost: Predictable, monthly operating cost, and On-Demand and Pay per use Cloud benefits.
  • Higher scalability: Highly scalable compute and storage resources with minimal capacity constraints. Automated backups, synchronous replication, periodic snapshots.
  • Advanced security: Highly secure with robust access control, & encryption at rest and in transit etc.
  • Upskilling workshop: We bring your teams up to speed to make the most of data migration and modernization.

Data Migration and Modernization Services

Assessment Services

Start your migration and modernization journey with facts. Understand migration readiness, analyse reports to identify potential issues, have solutions at hand for identified issues.

Database Migration

Flexibility defines our database migration services. Migrate to on premise or Azure. Leverage our AI-based tool Optimum for a smooth migration experience.

Business Intelligence Modernization

Build a data-first organization by modernizing existing BI systems or build a brand new end-to-end enterprise BI system. From assessment to determining data quality, we have you covered.

Reports Migration

Identify gaps in the reporting environment. Uncover and remediate data quality issues. Rationalize reports and dashboards to remove redundancy. Transform to Power BI and reduce operational cost.

Success factors

Migrate any DB to
Accelerate migration with assured quality
Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Save 50-60% on
Automate Native Datatype Mapping
Automate Schema Script generation & Data Migration
Get Field level Reconciliation across Source & Target DBs
Define threshold to be considered for row level validation

All Round Expertise Defines Acuvate Edge

Data Modernization People


  • 80+ cloud/Azure experts
  • 24/7 Support Infrastructure
  • Database & data warehouse experts
  • Change- and skill- management workshops to bring internal employees up to speed
Data Modernization Process


  • Consultative, outcome-focused approach
  • Near ZERO downtime migrations
  • Robust & proven migration framework
  • Code-pattern book, best practices from previous implementations
  • No external licensed products used for migration
Data Modernization Technology


  • 100+ data analytics & power BI implementations
  • 30+ successful migrations & counting
  • Automated, transparent & predictable data migration
  • Optimum: Our AI-based data migration and modernization accelerator
  • Reporting systems with self-service reporting
  • Sophisticated & robust data validation with multi-level testing
  • AI-powered issue detection

Trusted by the best

200+ enterprises worldwide including several Fortune 500

Kickstart your migration and modernization journey with a partner who gets you.