A Place of Learning and Growth: My Acuvate Experience Admin April 13, 2022

At the age of 87, Michelangelo said, "I am still learning."

I also am a lifelong learner. I try to learn from everyone and every situation, as the pursuit of knowledge is my passion and motivation.

This is why I was a good fit with Acuvate because at the core of the company is a vibrant, consciously cultivated learning culture. Acuvate has a rapid learning curve in both technical and management domains. So, it’s not surprising that working here has been a very satisfying and fulfilling experience. Acuvate’s commitment to exploring new areas has enabled me to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. I have been exposed to a wide range of management processes, which has improved my ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

One of the things I appreciate about the company is that at Acuvate, employees are always given opportunities to learn, grow, and reach their full potential.

Growing Together Model/ The Win-Win Growth Model

It’s important to note that this learning culture is one of the main drivers of the phenomenal progress the company has seen in recent years.

The focus on continuous learning in Acuvate empowers individuals to constantly step outside their comfort zone and expand their horizons and skill set. And this also fuels the growth of the organization. 

Acuvate has crafted a collective growth strategy, where the employees’ progress is closely aligned/concomitant with the company’s growth.

For example, as a part of company policy, when we give KRA’s to a team, we ask the team members to take up one personal goal that is helpful to their career and Acuvate. In short, the Acuvate approach creates a win-win situation.

Growing Together from Dream to Reality

However, Acuvate is not just about dreaming- it’s also about the will and capability to make that dream a reality.

A few years ago, our CEO Rakesh Reddy shared Acuvate’s vision to be a leader in the chatbot and conversational AI space. Today this dream is coming true before my very eyes as Acuvate has grown exponentially to become a leader in the AI solutions space in the last five years. You can say the vision has come true.

It is important to note that this growth is a collective one. The company’s progress has been closely aligned with the employees’ progress. Thus, as Acuvate has evolved, I also have grown in my skills and experience. Though I joined as a Project Coordinator, in a span of a few years, I have experienced a range of roles like project manager, business analyst, platform manager, and more. This is a rare thing as I know from my classmates that most people cannot get this kind of exposure in other companies.       

Supportive Systems

Any mention of the amazing learning opportunities and support employees receive at Acuvate would be incomplete without talking about the leadership.

They are a source of great motivation. Acuvate’s leadership not only opens the doors to new avenues for growth and learning but also inspires us to walk through those doors. For me, their approachability, that whenever you face a problem, one can simply walk into the cabins of the senior management and talk with them, is very inspiring.

This is all the more precious as it’s a rare thing in today’s world to access top-level management easily.

The leadership at Acuvate has also successfully created a space where employees have the freedom to openly and fearlessly express their opinions. At Acuvate, one has a voice. You are not just an ’employee, but an integral part of the company.

However, what is truly inspirational about working at Acuvate is that the leadership has a higher vision. So, everything- the impetus to learn, grow and innovate is geared towards a larger end goal, to make things better and move towards a brighter future for us all.

About Srikantha S V

Srikantha S V

Srikantha S V is a Technical Project Manager at Acuvate with extensive experience both in Technology and Project Management. She contributed as a Developer, Tech Analyst and Technical Project Manager. Currently she is handling multiple teams to roll out chatbots and AI based applications for the world’s largest FMCG brands.