Acuvate@15: Beyond AI and Chatbots – The Human Experience Admin December 20, 2021

When you plant something, it requires your nurture at all critical stages of growth. Working at Acuvate is somewhat of a similar experience. They not only accelerate your growth but mold it on both personal and professional levels.

I joined Acuvate in its early years when there were just about 30-40 employees. Today, it is an organization with 500 plus employees under its umbrella, streamlining its growth amongst diverse opportunities. As a member of the Acuvate family, I have personally experienced tremendous growth in my career. I started as a fresher and accumulated over a decade of experience here. Today, I am part of the upper management circle. Their approach of ‘innovation by Design’ allows the company to grow at an unprecedented pace and enhances the personal growth of each employee. 

Diversity of Opportunities

Scope of growth and development for each employee is at the heart of the Acuvate culture. Your reach is not confined to any single department but expands to various streams of opportunities. When I first joined, I started as a Software Development Trainee- a job role strictly confined within the Technological domain. Fast forward to the present, I have not only been presented with diverse platforms to shine, but the transition to each experience was itself very smooth. Learning and exploration go hand-in-hand at Acuvate, molding their employees to become leaders of tomorrow. 

Growing Together

The incredible success of our company in the last decade and a half is primarily due to the hard work, perseverance and vision of our employees. Employees that belong to all levels, where every voice partakes in discussion and decision making. MS SharePoint was the key skill that I had when I first embarked on my journey at Acuvate. Today, I am leading the creation of a centralized bot for one of our largest manufacturing clients. A 10+ year expedition where hurdles and challenges were common episodes, but overcoming them together became our norm. 

Providing the best Employee Value

Working in an organization is much more than interacting with AI and Chatbots. It is about the interaction you have with the people around you. As a proud member of the Acuvate family, I have been not only presented with growth opportunities but also with empathy and consideration when I needed them the most. For example, working with one of the largest building material companies globally, I honed and updated my skills as I learned building applications. But, the biggest takeaway for me from that experience was that the company allowed me my maternity leave as another company leader stepped to fill my shoes without hesitation. The empathy and support that Acuvate fosters as a company, goes beyond office cubicles and numbers.

Acuvate is about accelerating the best services to our customers and providing the best employee value. The future looks exciting as we are cruising to expand our technological footprint. And we seek to achieve it together!

About Rajani Jilla

Rajani Jilla

Technical Architect at Acuvate has 10+ years of experience in designing and architecting the web based and chat bot applications. She comes with a sound expertise in leading the projects built on Microsoft 365 workloads SharePoint On-Prem, Office 365, MS Teams and OneDrive. Has strong capability in implementing best practices in the projects by following DevOps principles using Azure Devops, Azure Cloud Services and Documentations. Played a strong technical lead role in delivering complex projects for the clients like Aricent, Tata Projects, Heidelberg, and Unilever. Her focus lies more in designing and troubleshooting complex technical issues including POC’s.