Seamless Process Optimization with Acuvate Admin February 11, 2022

Seamless Process Optimization with Acuvate

At Acuvate, we enable our partners to evolve constantly, with the demand of the changing tides. Delivering top-quality products at the customer's will and monitoring health and hygiene is the hallmark of a sound CPG business. However, ensuring quality products throughout the value chain and effective inventory management with a keen eye on customer demand can be challenging.

With consumer demands evolving every day, how do companies ensure top quality products are delivered to stay ahead of customer expectations?
acuvate iot

Acuvate’s IoT Solution is a state-of-the-art offering that provides a deep insight into customer preferences, enabling your business with effective inventory management. With access to a pool of real-time data, enhance the decision-making capabilities of your brand with the click of a button.

Strike a demand-supply equilibrium by gauging your customers' preferences in various geographical locations. Our accelerometers and tilt-sensor features deliver instantaneous reports and effectively monitor your point of sale.

A Leading Frozen Desserts Company Enhances Operational Efficiency with Acuvate's Next-Gen IoT Solution

An Indian multinational frozen desserts brand owned by a leading consumer goods firm with a presence in 40+ countries witnessed  

  • A staggering increase in area covered by 30%
  • Improved sales optimization by 17%
  • Reduced wastage by 22% and achieved increase in sales by 17%.
Allocate the correct quantity and items to each geography with optimized inventory and robust campaign effectiveness. Now improve the customer experience multi-fold by ensuring the availability of quality products.

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