Data Analytics Admin January 5, 2022
Real-Time Insights to Track Your Innovation Projects

Accelerate Innovation with Acuvate’s End-to-End Data Analytics Solution

Innovation is an essential component of the growth and development of any organization. With access to the latest insights and modern analytics, brands can yield the desired outcome from their innovation projects, allowing them to steer ahead of their competitors.
But is the reliance on outdated technologies impacting your business’ growth and innovation DNA?

Acuvate's Innovation Insights, an end-to-end, cloud-based data analytics solution, seamlessly integrates your company's internal innovation data with external market share. Now, get exposed to a vast pool of benefits such as real-time reporting and efficient decision-making.

A Global CPG Major Modernized its Innovation DNA with Acuvate's Advanced Analytics Innovation Insights Solution.

The CPG conglomerate witnessed a staggering 30% increase in timely launching of projects, successful identification and removal of 200+ stalled projects and saving up to 1500+ person-hours with automated reporting.

With Acuvate's text analytics-based solution, predict the likeliness of failure of an innovation project based within 100 days and rectify the situation.

Adopt a Progressive, Fail-Fast approach and accelerate how fast you roll out of your innovation projects with various technologies at play:

Azure Synapse

Azure Data



Power BI

Overcome the extensive review cycle and cumbersome reporting. Now seamlessly track the time, value, size and performance of your innovation projects with the click of a button.

What are you waiting for?