Acuvate’s Teams App Admin March 11, 2022

Acuvate’s Teams App

Data centricity is crucial to the seamless functioning of any organization. With unified access to the data pipelines, organizations use data to deliver the best possible outcomes and enhance employee experience.

Take the example of a water supply body in the metropolitan area. The body was tasked with supplying potable water to millions of people, which involves maintaining a complex network of aqueducts, water tunnels, and reservoirs.  The physical security of the water assets was a top priority, often prone to theft, vandalism, and more. Inspections at water supply bodies still relied heavily on manual effort and followed a paper-based system, losing significant amounts of time and incurring paper wastage in the process.

So, how do organizations overcome such business efficiencies to provide an employee experience par excellence?

Acuvate’s Teams App brings a single view of your data pipeline, automating and digitizing the entire business process. Now streamline your operations at all levels, with instant access to the dashboard providing real-time insights.

Now get a 360-degree view of your organization with a button-click, overcome the manual collation of reports and get instant access to a violator’s records instantly.

Acuvate's Teams App-Enabled Real-Time Security for
a Metropolis' Water Supply

The organization providing water supply to over 8 million people and pumping 1.2 billion gallons witnessed efficient real-time
reporting and saved time up to 80%, achieved 100% data integrity, and saved over 75,000 sheets of paper annually.

With Acuvate's next-gen app, resolve issues in real-time by overcoming data redundancies. Become an agile, responsive organization with accessible Power BI dashboards at every hierarchy level.
Now, give way to enhanced employee experience by going digital. Overcome the cumbersome reporting processes, and make your operations more cost-efficient and sustainable.

What are you waiting for?