Ensure Driver Safety with Acuvates ML Solution Admin November 22, 2022

Ensure Driver Safety with Acuvate’s ML Solution

Maintaining and managing a large number of vehicles is essential for the smooth functioning of a waste management organization. Waste collection, recycling, and landfilling services are vital to deliver sustainable waste management solutions.
However, maintaining an extensive fleet of vehicles presents a unique set of challenges. Ensuring the safety of the drivers and paying vast sums of insurance pay-outs every time an accident occurs become critical concerns.

With increasing accidents posing a threat to the drivers' well-being, how do organizations ensure driver safety and control insurance expenditure?

Acuvate’s state-of-the-art ML solution leverages telematics and tachograph infringement data to predict the probability of any risk accurately. In addition, advanced ML algorithms harness historical data to predict future driving patterns and tachograph infringements intelligently.

increasing accidents posing a threat to the drivers

UK's Waste Management Company Implements Acuvate's Machine Learning Solution for Enhanced Driver Safety and Reduced Insurance Pay-outs

A leading waste management organization in the UK owning over 1000 vehicles enhanced the safety of their drivers and achieved reduction in accidents by 80%, predicted forthcoming casualties and significantly brought down the insurance pay-outs by 30%.

Self-service BI capabilities enable users to ask questions in the natural language with ease and precisely spot high-risk drivers across depots most likely to meet with accidents.
Minimize human efforts and get auto-generated extensive reports on accidents with various technologies at play

Now predict perils and pitfalls with real-time data. What are you waiting for?