A complete guidebook to IT Modernization in 2021 Admin July 22, 2021

In 2019, IDG reported in its State of IT Modernization report that 41% of organizations surveyed either delayed or abandoned their legacy modernization initiatives. Come 2020 and IDG reportedly noticed a major jump of 75% in the number of IT leaders finding modernization essential.

That says a lot about how crucial modernization has become to the survival of an organization in this post-pandemic world. From large-scale enterprises to small businesses, everyone wants to leverage the digital tools available in order to scale up, be agile, and deliver a refined experience to the consumers.

But modernization is not a mere replacement or rehosting where a number of on-premises applications are decommissioned and moved to the cloud. Depending on the size of the organization, IT modernization can be a multi-layer, multi-year project that can either shoot the growth graph up to the sky or end up being the CIO’s nightmare.

It’s because of this make or break nature of IT modernization, organizations must have a holistic view of the entire transformation journey that covers every significant and insignificant aspect of the process.

If you too are on your path to modernization, we have created this all-encompassing guide to help organizations on their journey to become agile, scalable, responsive, and resilient.

Data Modernization

In this whitepaper, we have outlined:

Key Pillars Of Modernization

The three key pillars of modernization

Common Pitfalls

Common pitfalls and how to avoid those

The Migration Roadmaps

The migration roadmaps every CIO must have

The Migration Roadmaps

How to avoid the avoidable cost concerns, and more.

Download the whitepaper today to get a complete view of your organization’s journey to the cloud.

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