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Infrastructure Migration & Modernization Services

Reap Rich Dividends of a Modern Infrastructure

Your IT modernization journey is not complete unless you create a modern infrastructure to support new-age applications and workplace. That doesn’t mean you have to make it from scratch by replacing all your trusted systems. Enterprises often follow the path of incremental modernization of their IT infrastructure by gradually building cloud-native blocks and integrating those with microservices to create scalable, flexible, secure servers, storage, and mainframes.

At Acuvate, we design highly scalable and flexible approaches from rehost to replace. Once your modern infrastructure is ready, you can leverage it to achieve enhanced performance and manageability.

Benefits of Having a Modern IT Infrastructure


How Can We Help You

Cloud Infrastructure Advisory Service

Whether you want to harness the power of cloud, rightsize your IT environment, or just need some expert guidance on determining your cloud-ready workloads, Acuvate is here with industry-best practices and advice.

  • Reduced risks of migration
  • End-to-end TCO calculation
  • Optimized infrastructure and application performance
Infrastructure Migration
Strategy-driven infrastructure migration services for rapid scaling while reducing costs, efforts and risks, and optimizing infrastructure for the best performance. With our low-cost and fast approach, quickly migrate your resources from on-premises to any cloud (Azure, GCP) or hybrid environment.
  • Optimized infra budget
  • Improved scalability and accessibility
  • Streamlined performance
Data Centre Migration

Whether you want to reduce your on-prem data footprint or lift and shift your entire workload or specific set of data, Acuvate is here to work together to craft the right way, tools and strategies for your business. Our fine-tuned approach, developed over the years, minimizes risk, streamlines and accelerates the process, and reduces downtime.

  • Comprehensive project-based solution
  • A wholistic approach over a technical plan
  • Unmatched results
Platform or Server Migration

Keep your business up-to-date by moving to more complex and mature technologies with Acuvate’s Platform/Server migration services. As platform migration lies at the center of digital transformation, we design our services to help enterprises overcome the complexities of a rapidly changing market environment.

  • Increased flexibility and scalability
  • Consolidated hosting and reduced CapEx
  • High availability due to reduced load at a single point
Azure Setup & Configuration for All Workloads

A successful Azure migration depends on effective and reliable setup and configuration. Our complete suite of managed services help enterprises move and set up their entire workloads to Azure by centralizing configurations in a secure and simple way.

Active Directory Migration

Are you planning to upgrade, migrate or consolidate your Active Directory for better optimization and security? Acuvate is assisting businesses diagnose and fix complex AD challenges with a range of services starting from AD health checks, strategic AD services to AD divestiture projects.

Acuvate Differentiators


Expertise in Public Cloud (Azure, GCP) Infra Management

50% faster

go-to-market with Acuvta’s accelerators reducing cost, and increasing revenue


Cloud Experts ensuring Optimized IT and efficient infrastructure


Uninterruption Operations using our fail-proof migration farmeworks


trust and security with Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Near zero

down-time migrations

High Availability

& Increased Uptime of Resources


Support infrastructure

Why Choose Acuvate?


Dedicated Team of Experts

A cross-functional and dedicated team of industry’s best engineers, solution architects and support staff to offer you the right support right when you need it.


Proven Industry Experience

Combined, our digital experts have decades of experience in assisting enterprises in managing their on-premises and cloud-native architectures.


Fail-proof Methodologies

15 years of experience in serving some of the leaders gives you an edge over others. And that’s where our strength lies as our approach and methodologies are applauded by many.

Our Approach

Cloud Assessment

Moving to Cloud

Managed Services




Post Migration


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