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Data Cleansing And Master Data Governance Solutions

Consolidate and manage master data across your organization maximizing visibility and better decision making

Here Is What You Can Expect

Acuvate’s Master data governance solution helps in verifying, validating, monitoring consistent and accurate data. Data Quality & Master Data Governance solution helps you to identify erroneous data, improve its quality, and remove duplicates and wrong entries.

An enterprise has a wealth of data which is stored in different databases. This huge chunk of data when not properly monitored leads to inconsistent and inaccurate results. Data-intensive organizations face difficulty in:

  1. Maintaining consistent and accurate data.

  2. Getting validated information at the right time.

It helps the right stakeholders to have control of the right data to improve efficiency and expedite the decision-making process. Our Master data governance (MDG) solution ensures proper control over master data from creation to delivery. This tool helps custodians in verifying, validating, monitoring consistent and accurate master data. Gets it submitted to ERP with the help of approval workflows ensuring that the right data reaches the right person at the right time.

  • Facing problems with your data?

  • Inefficient processes due to duplicate master records?

  • Incorrect reporting due to wrong and duplicate data?

  • Poor quality and inefficiencies due to incomplete data?

This Solution Addresses Areas Such As

MDM solution ensures a seamless integration with SAP ensuring that the right data gets created or updated into ERP (SAP) systems through a proper governance mechanism. Ready-to-use templates for SAP are available to facilitate quick adoption and deployment of the solution.

Acuvate’s Data Quality & Master Data Governance solution helps you to identify erroneous data, improve its quality, and remove duplicates and wrong entries. Once your data is clean, the solution helps you to govern master data entry process to any system of your choice. With features like field validation, duplicate check etc. You can be assured that right data is entered into your systems.

Data Quality Service standardize

Trusted by the best

200+ enterprises worldwide including several Fortune 500

Our Strategy

  • De-Duplication of various master data
  • Rule based engine to work on multiple parameters and weightages
  • Repeated runs of the rules engine
  • Enriched Data with missing information like City based on Zip Code and vice versa
  • Reports on impact of duplicate records on overall data
  • Ensure a golden record is created even with scattered information across other duplicate records
  • Portal for data entry into multiple systems via forms and approval

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