On- Demand Webinar: Transform Your Data into Business Value for Manufacturing Admin March 28, 2024

Discover invaluable insights with our on-demand webinar, precisely designed for the Manufacturing sector, particularly those focusing on high-tech, automotive, and industrial segments. Johan Krebbers, CTO of Acuvate, unveils Acuvate Digital Framework that transforms data into your ultimate strategic asset

Access Acuvate’s comprehensive service offerings covering the entire data lifecycle. From initial collection to analytics, supported by edge computing for real-time actions, our strategies include integrating AI-ML and AI-MV technologies, and leveraging Generative AI / Digital Twins for immediate decision-making, all within a fully digital experience. 

This informative and insightful webinar will cover the following:  

  • An in-depth exploration of our 7-step End-to-End Data Strategy, crafted for the Manufacturing industry. 
  • Insights into the significance of a robust company Data Platform. 
  • Analysing how Acuvate’s Digital Framework leverages data-driven solutions to address critical issues such as unplanned downtime, quality control, OT and IT integration, and operational costs. 
  • A look into Acuvate’s strategies incorporating Digital Twins, AR inspection, and video surveillance.

Access this on-demand webinar to gain critical insights that will propel you towards data-driven manufacturing excellence.

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