The fast-changing and disruptive environment of the CPG business makes it imperative for companies to use modern technologies to stay relevant. The advancements in AI promise a huge potential for powerful business outcomes. Gartner predicts that AI will be in almost every software product by 2020. Take the early adopter advantage today!

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CPG companies generate enormous amount of data everyday and humongous part of is not used for decision-making. We leverage AI and its related technologies to unlock the power of data and make Business Intelligence work for CPG companies.

AI-Powered Analytics

According to Forbes, 86 percent of Predictive Analytics users report tangible gains to their business bottom lines. Unlike traditional analytics, these AI-powered advanced analytics provide granular and fact-based recommendations and forecasts to decision-makers. Individuals can spend less time digging and analyzing data and more time gaining rich insights from it.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Our AI-Powered Business Intelligence chatbots let decision-makers get key business insights and metrics right within the actively used enterprise messaging app like Skype For Business, Skype, Slack etc. The conversational interface of bots lets users instantly get the information that matters from the enormous amount of data.

Your team members don’t have to switch multiple BI systems or filter data in dashboards again! The Bots can also be used by your teams to search for documents and also make transactions in your LOB systems like CRM. Data warehouses. We also build tailor bots using our enterprise bot-builder platform.

Artificial Intelligence In The CPG Sector

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The benefits and applications of AI in the CPG business range across departments. Here are a few…

  • Predict Future Sales
  • Run the right trade promotions
  • Improve MSL compliance and predict loss of non-compliance
  • Invest on the right product at the right place and time.
  • Identify new product and market segments
  • Optimize your marketing spend based on the BCG matrix
  • Get evidence-based recommendations for running campaigns
  • Split spend profitably between digital and traditional media
  • Develop highly accurate pricing and promotion strategies
  • Discover anomalies and actionable insights in data
  • Design high yield marketing and sales strategies at multiple levels
  • Reduce OTIF losses
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve inventory management and in-store assortment optimization
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Results Our Clients Experienced With AI

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