Accelerate Your Migration to Copilot Studio Admin June 25, 2024

Accelerate Your Migration to Copilot Studio

Seamlessly transition your chatbots with Acuvate’s Optimum tool, saving 80% in time and costs

In collaboration with Microsoft, we’ve crafted an unparalleled migration program to transition your chatbots from Bot Framework, PVA Legacy, Dialogflow, and more to Copilot Studio, all at near-zero cost. Acuvate’s Optimum tool guarantees a seamless, precise, and swift migration, reducing your time and costs.

Significant reduction in migration costs and time

End-to-end support with tool service and prescriptive guidance

Ensures precise and successful migration

Exclusive program available for a select number of customers

Our Proven Migration Process

Assessment & Planning

Detailed evaluation and strategy development

Design & Validation

Customized design and thorough validation


Efficient migration execution


Rigorous testing to ensure quality

UAT & Rollout

User Acceptance Testing and smooth deployment

Tailored Migration Approaches

By Topic

Customers looking for of End-to-End Migration activity and who do not have any inhouse expertise to do manual migration activities

Execution of the Migration Tool

We utilize our advanced tools to streamline the migration process.

Detailed Assessment Report

Receive a comprehensive report highlighting the topics successfully migrated versus those needing manual intervention

Manual Migration Assistance

We handle any necessary manual migration tasks to ensure a smooth transition.

What We Need from You

Provide smoke test cases to validate the migration

Review the assessment report provided by our team

Participate in system testing and UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

Deploy the final solution to production

Tailored Migration Approaches

By Account

Customers looking for accelerator tool for migration and have inhouse teams to take care of Manual migration tasks after tool run.

Execution of the Migration Tool

We manage the comprehensive execution of the migration tool.

Detailed Assessment Report

A thorough report detailing automated and manual migration requirements.

What We Need from You

Review the detailed assessment report

Perform any manual tasks required for the topics needing additional attention

Conduct system and UAT testing

Oversee the final deployment to production

Why Choose Acuvate

Acuvate’s Optimum tool simplifies, expedites, and automates the migration process. Our expertise ensures high accuracy and successful transition to Copilot Studio, providing you with a seamless and cost-effective solution.


Near Zero

Downtime migrations


Faster time to market


Proactive monitoring

Save up to 30%

Cost-effective solutions

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