A Comprehensive Guide To Augmented Analytics Admin November 10, 2020

Augmented Analytics Is the Future of Analytics



Data scientists spend 80% of their time cleaning and manipulating data and only 20% of their time actually analyzing it!

The era of automation in data science and business analytics is here.

Augmented Analytics improves the productivity of data scientists by automating manual processes involved in the insight generation process using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. In addition, it also enhances data governance and accuracy, drives data democratization and reduces costs.

Read this guide to get a complete understanding of this emerging technology and how it benefits your organization. We discuss:

  • The business intelligence transformation: from traditional BI to augmented analytics
  • Understanding augmented analytics and how it works
  • How augmented analytics is fueling the rise of citizen data scientists
  • Why augmented analytics is the future of analytics
  • Comparison of different augmented analytics tools (Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft Power BI, DataRobot, SAP, IBM, Tableau, Sisense)
  • Getting started: recommendations for data and analytics leaders
A Comprehensive Guide To Augmented Analytics

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