The Importance Of Upgrading From Enterprise Search To Cognitive Search Admin December 10, 2019

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According to IDC, an organization with 1,000 professionals wastes $2.5 million – $3.5 million per year in terms of:

  • Searching for nonexistent information
  • Failing to find existing information
  • Recreating information that can’t be found

In today’s work culture, employees spend nearly 20% of the workweek searching for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks. With advanced technologies like IoT enabled connected devices and various fragmented SaaS applications, enterprise data is bound to increase.

Even though traditional enterprise search works effectively to some extent, but the ability to provide contextual results is limited. Considering the incoming data explosion and growth of data silos, usage of a basic keyword-driven search won’t cut it anymore.

The modern workforce demand advanced enterprise search with contextual and smarter responses. With the evolution of AI and cognitive technologies, it is now likely to make your legacy enterprise search more intelligent and valuable.

In this free Guide you’ll discover:

  • How search function helps employees?
  • What is enterprise search and why it is not enough anymore?
  • Limitations of legacy enterprise search solutions
  • Understanding the cognitive enterprise search
  • How cognitive enterprise search is transforming information discovery?
  • Cognitive Search Vs Traditional Enterprise Search
  • Various benefits of cognitive search
  • Measuring the success of cognitive search
The Importance Of Upgrading From Enterprise Search To Cognitive Search

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