NYC ChatBot Admin March 10, 2022

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Acuvate’s Data Modernization and Conversational AI Solutions

Data-centricity is essential to track workflows for the seamless functioning of any organization. With one-stop access to the organization's data pipelines, you can yield the desired outcome from the innovation projects and enhance employee experience.

Are you ready to embark on your journey towards next-gen innovation?

Acuvate’s Data Modernization solution brings a single view of your data pipeline, tracks workflows, eliminates duplicate data, and improves data quality. Now monitor your product quality with real-time insights, create need-based custom reports and resolve issues quicker.

Seamless employee experience is crucial to the functioning of a well-oiled organization. Acuvate’s conversational AI solution BotCore establishes a 360-degree view of your organization. When deployed for employee experience, it delivers a unified channel for your employees to resolve their HR, IT and other issues and queries seamlessly.

The department Accelerated its Innovation Journey with Acuvate's Data Modernization and Chatbot Solutions

The organization providing water supply to over 8 million people identified and corrected water issues in real-time, minimized SLA delays and achieved a 90% reduction in invoice processing time with Data Modernization. With a 24/7 employee chatbot, NYC DEP freed up HR time up to 60 person weeks annually.

With a two-fold solution from Acuvate, now develop coherent, proactive models to avoid future issues and reduce overall process time from days to seconds.

Become a nimble, responsive organization and reduce the load on your teams with various technologies at play:

With data-centricity, give way to an enhanced customer and employee experience. With diagnostic and predictive analytics available to you at a button-click, make data-driven decisions on the go, every day.