Boost Equipment Efficiency and Forecast Potential Hazards with Acuvate’s Predictive Maintenance Solution Admin January 11, 2023

Boost Equipment Efficiency and Forecast
Potential Hazards with

Acuvate's Predictive Maintenance Solution

90% of equipment failures occur because organizations wait until a part of machinery breaks and then repair it.

Unexpected downtime, increased labor costs, reduced equipment lifespan and decreased production capacity are just a few disadvantages large-scale organizations face if they continue to follow reactive maintenance approaches.

Equipment breakdowns are complex and time-consuming, making them an unavoidable organizational hazard. It hampers production capacities and employee productivity daily. Lack of visibility, poor data management, and hampered worker safety exacerbate the challenge.

Operational inefficiency. Loss of peace. Inflexible work times. Lack of confidence in adhering to production timelines and workflows. Reactive maintenance is killing your equipment, your productivity, and your employee morale.

Are you ready to deal with these challenges?

Enter Acuvate's IoT-enabled intelligent predictive management solution: The only solution you need to predict and prevent outages and ensure seamless equipment functioning.

Acuvate’s Predictive Maintenance Solution helps organizations predict equipment failure and mitigate risks to detect issues beforehand by bringing to table information that was previously not available. Since sensors can only detect and report an event but can’t predict future events this is precisely where our solution steps in to combine the sensor data and AI-ML anomaly detection enabling key insights and trend analysis. It is built to be your partner in protecting and ensuring smooth machinery, plant and organizational functioning.

Acuvate's IoT-enabled intelligent
Eliminate unreliable manual intervention

Pave the way for efficient maintenance processes. Eliminate unreliable manual intervention. Reduce production costs. Deliver worker safety.

Take immediate action with the power of AI-ML, forecast potential hazards, and pinpoint when industrial equipment is likely to fail. Building on this sensor data, predictive maintenance then uses advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to predict machine failures before they happen or to anticipate maintenance needs before they become urgent.

IoT- enabled intuitive platform for real-time monitoring of asset health across enterprises to optimize, predict and prevent unplanned shutdowns & production losses. Further reduce redundancy, inspections, and scheduled/time-based maintenance.

Your machinery is in safe hands with Acuvate's Intelligent Predictive Maintenance Solution.

Gain complete transparency over your equipment lifecycle and many added benefits

  • Real-time data sharing with OEM (original equipment manufacturer)
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs and Increase Asset Utilization
  • Extend Asset Life and improve production capacities
  • Monitoring multiple backflow preventers with a single dashboard and providing secure access to multiple stakeholders
  • KPI management and analytics through sensors for smooth operational efficiency
  • Seamless data management with integration with CMMS software to ensure continuous throughput
  • Improved worker safety and reduced production costs

Boosting equipment efficiency, lifecycles, organization effectiveness, and productivity: It’s all very easy with Acuvate.

A factory reduces 90% of retrofitting costs with updated IoT sensor valves. Another manages to shut off the water supply in real time and generate notification alerts. Yet another successfully troubleshoots voltage sags.

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Predictive maintenance supports industries in proactive decisions about repair & maintenance. It regulates the machinery lifecycle and physical condition and improves workforce efficiency.

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