Integrate customer data. Achieve personalized omnichannel outcomes. Spend where it matters. All with Acuvate’s Customer Data Platform Admin March 7, 2023

Customer Data Platform

Integrate customer data. Achieve personalized omnichannel outcomes.


of companies have a data efficiency problem. More specifically, a data accessibility problem.


can’t leverage fresh data for actionable, timely insights.


suffer outdated data collection practices


can’t customize their data to be useful for their business needs.


Only a third of CMOs are confident about their customer data and analytics tools. Most struggle with managing large volumes of data.

Do you see a pattern? Do you recognize your data bottlenecks and inefficiencies?

The outcome? Limited Marketing Attribution Analysis. Underutilized Customer Lifetime Value. Missing micro-event insights for marketing personalization. Limited access to historical data. Fragmented customer data, fragmented insights, fragmented marketing efforts. Reporting latency. 

The list goes on. 

The modern marketer has access to comprehensive customer data from multiple channels. Websites. SEO. Email. Social media. Google Analytics. CRM. You name it.

But they can barely capitalize on any of it.

What use is all the data in the world if you can’t efficiently utilize it?

Enter Acuvate's Customer Data Platform: Achieve stronger omnichannel marketing ROI with AI-based MarTech superpower.

Acuvate’s Customer Data Platform will increase Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and improve brand equity.


By enabling personalization and data-driven decisions with customer and marketing data integration across multiple sources. 

No limits on data volume.

To serve you a 360-degree view of the customer journey. With the granularity of each individual customer.

With Acuvate CDP, enterprises, brands and marketers access insights that matter.

Precise customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

and timely insights to improve it

Real-time marketing attribution

and insights to take timely action, reduce ad waste and improve marketing ROI

Holistic, informed customer personas

and the power to personalize every customer touchpoint

Micro-event predictions

and the ability to influence the shopper in the moments that matter

Do you know why 2023 is the year to start investing in CDP?

Leverage refined personas to increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by identifying exact advertising and marketing channels that bring revenue

Acuvate CDP infuses AI superpowers into your martech stack and marketing efforts to make your revenue goals come to life.

You get data-driven
personas with

Limitless historical and current customer data

Qualitative customer identities

Data refresh capabilities for shifting customer needs and priorities

You predict CLV with

Integration of Google Analytics click-level data with enterprise CRM

Probabilistic models like BG, NBD, and more

Deep learning models for accurate CLV predictions

You achieve advanced attribution analysis with

Rule customization for every attribution model

Flexible ruleset and Machine Learning

Integration of multiple data sources to identify and verify attribution patterns

You recognize patterns from micro-event predictions with

Event Google Analytics data point processing using GCP ML capabilities

Identification of new behavior patterns and marketing channel-efficiency

Micro-event to micro-moment journey through advanced BQ analytics

The outcome? Total data streamlining and efficiency across all your marketing channels. And informed decisions on the granular campaign and overall marketing strategy, today and in the future.

Why Acuvate CDP

  • Preferred GCP Partner bringing Google Marketing Data Warehouse architecture to your customer and marketing data streams
  • In-build customizable scripts and templates
  • Innovative AI and ML solutions provider
  • Proven expertise in digital marketing and analytics
  • Trusted by global marketers in leading consumer bands

All so you can deploy your CDP hassle-free on Google Cloud.

Start your data streamlining journey.
Achieve higher marketing outcomes in just 10-12 weeks.

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