Achieve A Holistic View of Your Assets and Control Maintenance Costs With Acuvate’s IoT-powered Smart Asset Management Solution Admin January 9, 2023

Achieve A Holistic View of Your Assets and Control Maintenance Costs With

Acuvate’s IoT-powered Smart Asset Management Solution

Company assets form an invaluable component in the enterprise equation.  They are responsible for running factories and 24x7x365. Secondary operational assets are crucial for the seamless running of businesses too, including material handling assets, and inventory management assets among several others.

Delivery vehicles. Assembly lines. Distribution networks. Construction machinery. These are all mission-critical assets – and their seamless functioning is crucial for your growth.

Businesses can no longer depend on erroneous data about asset locations, risks, and recovery and maintenance as they grow and scale. Legacy infrastructures and manual approaches to asset management hinder organizational productivity. The outcomes are asset downtime, operational complexities, and wrong decisions.

A dynamic data and insight collaboration strategy is necessary for enterprises to gain a comprehensive view of the operations, mitigate issues in real-time and predict potential roadblocks and downtimes.

So, what can you do to ensure these challenges do not become your reality?

Company assets form an invaluable

Acuvate’s IoT-powered Smart Asset Management is your answer.

Acuvate’s IoT-based intelligent asset management solution empowers enterprises to retrieve information on individual assets at any place or time.

Businesses can now leverage cloud-based, IoT-powered capabilities to stay updated on their assets, recovery, and maintenance. They can identify problem areas, seamlessly measure associated risks and increase team productivity via automation interventions.

Step up your operational efficiency with end-to-end asset management insights

Future-ready enterprises can now ensure 100% availability of all assets, continuously monitor KPIs, reduce unscheduled downtime and
improve OEE with new-age features.

Remote asset

Asset health

Asset lifecycle management

Asset workflow automation

Predictive asset maintenance



Reminders and alerts for maintenance, risks and downtimes


Real-time asset information

Stay ahead of asset shutdowns and accelerate OEE for substantial ROI

Identify roadblocks. Fix hidden losses. Share the health of assets with a centralized system instantly and hassle-free. 

Reduce dependency on human efficiency and experience a wide range of benefits with Acuvate’s IoT-based Smart Asset Management.


increase in operational efficiency


reduction in safety incidents


accuracy of meeting compliances


increase in resource availability


increase in asset life


decrease in unscheduled downtime

Avoid going out of stock at any time. Use your resources more efficiently. Create an innovative and responsive asset ecosystem.

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