“40% Of Intranet Initiatives Fail To Deliver Return On Investment Due To Inadequate Adoption” – Gartner


An intranet is not a cost-friendly asset. In a desperate hope to boost internal communications and employee engagement, companies pour thousands of dollars to get one. But the purpose can only be fulfilled when all your employees actually adopt it and start using it on a regular basis.

In this webinar our Product Manager – Sareen Madupu shares his insights on the importance of modern intranets and how they can boost employee adoption, collaboration, and ROI.


  • Why traditional intranets have low adoption rates and are not used regularly?

  • What is a modern intranet?

  • The essential features of a modern intranet

  • The latest trends in intranet Information Architecture, UX, navigation, etc.

  • Real-life examples and case-studies of modern intranets driving adoption

  • How you can get started right away?

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