Microsoft Recognition Cements Acuvate’s Digital Transformation Expertise Rakesh Reddy July 19, 2022

Microsoft Recognition Cements Acuvate’s Digital Transformation Expertise

Microsoft Recognition Cements Acuvate’s Digital Transformation Expertise

Acuvators have been extensively engaged in digital transformation initiatives for various customers around the globe. Especially our interventions have touched the lives of customers, communities, citizens, and government departments, making lives easier and organizations more agile than ever before.

Even as we continued to put in the hard work, an email recently hit our inbox to inform us that Acuvate has been recognized as a finalist for Microsoft Government Partner of The Year Awards 202. Our joy knew no bounds because being recognized for our hard work and innovation by a partner like Microsoft is indeed a shot in the arm. Moreover, it reinforces our belief in our experience and expertise in helping government sector organizations achieve renewed levels of agility, efficiency, citizen and employee experience, and collaboration.

Microsoft Partner

Our CEO, Mr. Rakesh Reddy on being named as the Microsoft Government Partner of the Year 2022, Finalist

Our breadth and depth of expertise in the government sector speak volumes

Just a few years ago, the government sector was used to in-person collaboration, tons of paperwork, and traditional ways of working. But all of that is old news now. According to analysts like Gartner , the key themes of government sector transformation include the need for stronger collaborative tools for an increasingly hybrid workforce and robust capability for multi-channel citizen engagement and dialogue. 

In our experience, too, retaining the best digital native employees and working seamlessly with digital native citizens are top priorities for government sector organizations. 

At Acuvate, we have found that App modernization using Teams and Power apps, conversational AI, and data & analytics modernization are some of the excellent tools for government sector companies looking to enhance their Total Experience (TX) capabilities to address the needs of their new-age stakeholders.

With solutions built on the Microsoft stack, we have empowered – 

  • The nurses at one of the best hospitals in the US record patient vitals with minimal errors and deliver enhanced care 
  • A metropolitan water bureau to identify and correct water issues in real-time, minimize SLA delays and achieve a 90% reduction in invoice processing time with Data Modernization 
  • A city department to reduce carbon footprint by saving 75k+ sheets/year, save up to 80% of employee bandwidth, & provide 100% data integrity  
  • NYC DEP to modernize their employee experience with 24×7 chatbots to answer HR and IT queries and surfaces relevant reports from Power BI at the click of a button

AI, Data, IoT & Sustainability interventions for smarter cities and communities

In addition to our AI, Data & analytics expertise, we have reinforced our advanced digital capabilities with the recently launched IoT practice. Building transformative solutions for a more intelligent and green future is at the heart of our all our practices now. 

We believe that as the aspirations of smart cities and communities come to a head across the world, the importance of AI & IoT is only going to grow. But the old playbooks and erstwhile piecemeal approaches to AI, Data, IoT-led transformation will now have to end. 

Acuvate is helping organizations with the integration of AI for Business solutions as a holistic operating model for holistic Digital Transformation. And this approach has been highly successful in generating outstanding results for our customers. For example, our holistic approach to IoT, AI, Data and Blockchain empowered a global metropolis with substantial noise and air pollution control and regulated asbestos certification to build a safer city with the help of verifiable credentials. 

Our IoT interventions are not restricted to any single environment but, in fact, bring together hardware, software, and connectivity to build truly smart and connected organizations. 

And that is precisely what it takes to build progressive and sentient government sector enterprises. 

Ready for more

Acuvate’s government sector transformations have been genuinely progressive, enabling these organizations to not only be more efficient but also more collaborative, engaging, and delightful for all their stakeholders. 

But we know our work does not stop here. Government sector organizations are only starting to scratch the surface of all the ways in which they can make citizens’ lives easier. The road ahead looks exciting and full of potential. 

With the Microsoft recognition at hand, Acuvators are even more excited to partner with these organizations in building a visionary, collaborative future for the citizens of the world. 

Onwards and upwards!