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Internet of Things

Transformative Solutions for a Smarter & Greener Tomorrow

The world is witnessing a breakthrough as the newest technologies are driving the fourth industrial revolution, permanently changing the way we think, act and do business. And at the center of it stands a technology that compels us to change the traditional notion of technology and sustainability being mutually exclusive, the Internet of Things or IoT.


At Acuvate, our sole objective is to empower your business with the power of IoT while paving the way for a greener tomorrow. Acuvate's IoT services and solutions are designed to propel organizational transformation and help businesses connect and scale in a much more efficient way, both economically and environmentally. We believe until we learn how to survive, we cannot sustain what we do.

At Acuvate we help our customers with integration of IoT as a holistic operating
model for a holistic Digital Transformation.

Acuvate’s Impact

A retail conglomerate became greener by slashing down its utilities expenses by 18-20% as it replaced its traditional resource-tracking mechanical methods with Acuvate’s smart IoT-based energy management solution.

A leading telecom giant saves a million dollars by activating Acuvate’s cutting-edge IoT solution to address diesel wastage and pilferage.

A leading frozen desserts company brought down its ice cream wastage by 22% with Acuvate’s next-gen IoT solution while dramatically increasing its operational efficiency.

Innovate and Scale in a Connected World, Sustainably

Harness the Power of IoT

Reduce costs

Make better decisions proactively by leveraging data from our IoT solutions and achieve increased efficiency at lower operational costs.

Increase revenue

Gift your customers right what they want/need by analyzing data from your interconnected systems and witness a steady growth in revenue.

Enable safety and security

Monitor and control your critical assets remotely to detect any anomaly in advance by analyzing trends and patterns for better security and uninterrupted operations.

Ensure quality

Stop compromising with the quality of your products by assessing process historical data from sensors or edge devices.

How Can We Help You

You find us at every step of your IoT adoption - Our Approach

Why Choose Acuvate?


Dedicated Team of Experts

A cross-functional and dedicated team of industry’s best design, engineering, technology, consulting, and operations engineers find solutions to our customers challenges with a focus on Intelligent Products and Platforms.


Proven Industry Experience

Combined, our digital experts have decades of domain experience to help build smart and connected products that provide vital digital intelligence and drive organizational change


Fail-proof Methodologies

15 years of experience in serving some of the leaders gives you an edge over others. And that’s where our strength lies as our approach and methodologies are applauded by many.

Key Differentiators

Industry Specific

Domain expertise

Forward integration

solutions with deeper business insights augmented by Intelligent analytics


Integration with legacy Operational

AI and ML powered

Anomaly Detection taking the billions of machine data points and boil them down to insights that are really meaningful.

Secure solutions

consist of a variety of advanced security measures, by using secure and resilient system architectures, encryption and authentication, specialized chipsets, and threat detection.

Scalability of solutions

scale seamlessly in order to support hundreds of new devices, sensors, controllers, as well as non-IoT devices

Acuvate Approach

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