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Transform Your Business with Custom Copilots

Elevate Customer, Employee & Business Partner Experiences with Microsoft Copilot Studio 

Empower Your Business with Custom AI Copilots

Unlock the full potential of your business operations by building your own copilot experiences or customizing Microsoft Copilot. Designed to revolutionize your approach to customer and employee engagement, Co-Pilot Studio offers an unparalleled blend of conversational AI capabilities. From custom GPTs and generative AI plugins to manual topics, this suite is your key to crafting highly personalized copilots. Whether enhancing existing solutions or creating entirely new ones, Microsoft Co-Pilot Studio ensures precision alignment with your unique business requirements.

Be inspired by Copilot Success Stories

60% Increase Customer Satisfaction

Explore how copilot revolutionized customer engagement, boosting satisfaction and streamlining interactions for an American Conglomerate 

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90% Boost in Customer Experience

Uncover how Acuvate's Generative AI-powered customer engagement chatbot navigates challenges, saving time, boosting bookings, and elevating customer satisfaction for a leading US cruise line.

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98% of Supplier Interactions Transformed

Acuvate's Procurement Chatbot saves three full-time roles, streamlining operations, and elevating customer satisfaction for a global industry leader in personal care and consumer goods.

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Copilots Solutions- Trusted by the best

Driving Total Experience with Copilots

Total Experience is a cohesive strategy that integrates Employee, Customer, Data, and Business Experiences. It’s about creating a harmonious environment where advanced AI chatbots improve internal processes, enrich customer interactions, offer deep data insights, and streamline business dealings. This approach ensures that every layer of the organization operates at its peak, fostering a thriving ecosystem for all stakeholders involved

Chatbot Services for Every Business

Transform Customer Service with AI-driven Co-Pilot Studio. Discover unparalleled customer support with Co-Pilot Studio. AI-powered copilots deliver personalized, 24/7 assistance in any language across all platforms, seamlessly integrated with your CRM systems to boost satisfaction and foster loyalty.

Leverage the power of AI and automation with Co-Pilot Studio for fast, engaging, and cost-effective customer experience (CX) chatbots. These bots not only enrich the customer interaction but also provide valuable feedback, enhancing your service continuously.

With Co-Pilot Studio, implement intuitive solutions for:
  • Personalized Service
  • Engaging Experiences
  • E-Commerce Integration 

Revitalize your organization with Co-Pilot Studio, where AI-driven copilots redefine efficiency by automating routine tasks and providing on-demand, personalized support. Designed to serve across HR, IT, finance, and more, our platform enables employees to effortlessly navigate systems and access vital information, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and allowing a shift towards more strategic initiatives.  

The result is a seamless workflow, enhanced by data-driven decisions made through simple conversational interactions, leading to increased productivity, satisfaction, and engagement throughout your company.

With Co-Pilot Studio, foster a productive workplace through:
  • Prebuilt bots for HR, IT, Travel, Finance, Legal
  • Service-Oriented Solutions
  • Utility and Accessibility 

Transform the way you manage and interact with structured and unstructured data with Acuvate’s implementation of Co-Pilot Studio. Our prebuilt accelerators support the consolidation, analysis, and maintenance of your datasets, eliminating the need for deep technical expertise. By expertly integrating with your existing data systems, we empower your business with actionable insights derived through advanced natural language processing, enabling smarter decision-making and fostering innovative growth. Eliminate the complexities of data management with our comprehensive Data Experience solutions.

With Copilot studio, enhance your data management through:
  • Data interrogation 
  • Language to Query
  • Data Model Ingestion
  • Report view in chat

Co-Pilot Studio revolutionizes interactions across the commercial spectrum, enhancing the processes and relationships integral to buyer, supplier, and retailer experiences. It streamlines supplier onboarding, simplifies account management, and optimizes inventory and procurement operations. The platform ensures that business transactions are more transparent, supply chains are more efficient, and that every stakeholder has access to timely and accurate data. This fosters a dynamic commercial environment where strategic decision-making is informed by real-time insights, ultimately leading to a more resilient and agile business model. 

Experience the diverse capabilities of Co-Pilot Studio, including:
  • Buyer Experience
  • Supplier Experience
  • Retailer Experience

Services we offer

Transform your business operations and enhance team productivity with our comprehensive suite of services offered through Co-Pilot Studio:

Migration to Copilot Studio

Seamlessly transition to Copilot Studio in just 4 weeks. Our expert-driven process ensures a quick and smooth integration, so you can start leveraging the most advanced AI capabilities without delay.

Proof of Concept

Experience the transformative power of Co-Pilot Studio with a tailored Proof of Concept. See how our adaptive AI solutions can revolutionize your business processes and empower your decision-making capabilities.

Enterprise-Scale Copilots

Implement bespoke AI copilots across your organization. Tailored to support diverse business functions, our copilots are engineered to improve customer interactions, automate employee tasks, and optimize overall operational effectiveness.

Pre-Built Copilots

Employee Experience Copilot

Elevate your workplace in just 4 weeks with our Employee Experience Bot. Leveraging Microsoft Co-Pilot Studio and Azure Cognitive Services, this program includes a comprehensive needs assessment, deploys targeted chatbots, and automates routine tasks to enhance efficiency and productivity significantly.

Customer Experience Copilot

Transform customer interactions in just 4 weeks with our Customer Experience Bot, optimized for integration with Microsoft Copilot Studio. This implementation service boosts customer engagement across various platforms, offering personalized support and dramatically improving customer satisfaction

HR Next

Transform your HR operations in just 4 weeks with HR NExT. Powered by Microsoft copilot studio, this implementation service seamlessly integrates into your digital infrastructure, enhancing everything from talent acquisition to employee engagement with rapid deployment and robust HR solutions.

Unleash the power of the Ultimate Migration Tool- Optimum for Copilot Studio

Optimum for Copilot Studio empowers businesses to effortlessly migrate chatbots while providing in-depth insights, minimizing manual intervention, and enabling tailored customization. Optimum understands the intricacies of migrating from existing frameworks to Generative AI-powered platforms, and is designed to make this transition seamless, efficient, accurate and cost-effective. 

Optimum for Copilot Studio - Key Differentiators

Designed to simplify, accelerate, and automate the chatbots migration process, Optimum for Copilot Studio ensures a seamless transition with the highest level of accuracy.

In-Depth Assessment:

Make informed decisions through Optimum’s comprehensive Chatbot Migration Assessment Report. Our data-driven insights provide you with the necessary information to optimize your migration strategy.

User-Friendly Interface:

Experience a seamless migration journey with Optimum’s user-friendly interface. Migrate your chatbots effortlessly, reducing the need for extensive manual intervention. We believe that simplicity enhances efficiency.

Multi-Platform Support:

Optimum eliminates platform limitations by supporting migration from multiple source chatbot platforms. Bring all your chatbots under one unified roof, streamlining your migration process.

Enhanced Accuracy, Minimal Effort:

Boost the accuracy of your migration while minimizing effort. Optimum reduces the chances of errors, ensuring a smooth transition. This efficiency translates into saved time and reduced costs.

1-Week Proof of Concept with Co-Pilot Studio Accelerate

Dive into transformation with Acuvate’s Proof of Concept (PoC). Our team of AI maestros will guide you in leveraging Co-Pilot Studio’s full spectrum of capabilities to craft bespoke AI assistants that redefine your business operations. Experience the impact of custom copilot creation and explore generative AI solutions that enrich interactions across your enterprise.

Join our Co-Pilot Studio Accelerate Program for a one-week immersive PoC that showcases how tailored solutions can revolutionize your business landscape. Discover the ease of customizing your copilot and harnessing generative AI to tap into a wealth of data sources for unparalleled insights. 

Agenda Highlights:

  • Interactive Workshop: Pinpoint a use case that mirrors your current business challenges. 
  • Simplified Configuration: Employ our intuitive tools for copilot customization, focusing on generative answers and bespoke interactions. 
  • Live Demonstration: Witness the transformative power of your custom copilot, ready to discuss its impact on achieving your business goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Copilot Studio is a comprehensive conversational AI platform that enables the creation and customization of copilots through either natural language inputs or a graphical interface. It provides a streamlined process for designing, evaluating, and deploying copilots tailored to meet the unique requirements of various settings, whether internal or external, and applicable to any sector, department, or professional role. 

At its core, Copilot Studio delivers an extensive suite of conversational AI tools. This includes the integration of custom GPT models, the incorporation of AI plugins, and the capacity for handling manual topics, all of which contribute to the crafting of custom AI copilots designed to meet a broad spectrum of business objectives. 

Yes, Co-Pilot Studio provides the capability to augment copilots by connecting them to the Microsoft Graph and other services. This connection enables copilots to draw upon a broader range of unstructured data, similar to how graph connector’s function, enhancing their ability to respond to queries with greater depth and context within the M365 ecosystem.

Custom copilots, built with Copilot Studio, offer comprehensive customization for enterprises needing tailored solutions, unlike extending Microsoft’s prebuilt copilots, which have fixed functionalities. While you can enhance the capabilities of prebuilt copilots within their set contexts, custom copilots allow you to create fully bespoke solutions from scratch, suited to specific enterprise needs.

Migrating to Copilot Studio, especially from the Microsoft Bot Framework Composer or legacy versions of Copilot Studio, is crucial for businesses seeking to leverage the full potential of Generative AI. This migration enables chatbots to engage in more natural conversations, understand complex queries, and adapt to user behaviour, marking a significant evolution in AI-driven interactions.

Copilot Studio seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM, data management systems, and workflows, ensuring that your custom AI copilots enhance your current operations without disruption. 

The deployment time can vary based on the complexity of your needs, but with our Accelerate Program, you can see the impact of a custom copilot in 1- week through our Proof of Concept (PoC). 

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