Applications have evolved greatly in the last few decades. Dating back to the 1980’s mainframe applications to the current trend of cloud-enabled and mobile applications, the journey has seen growing complexity in both functionalities and data.  With the evolving functionalities, the process has transformed equally. Rising from ad-hoc resolution of performance-related issues to a manual intense constant performance optimization, it has come a long way. In a complex IT environment and huge data logs, coordinated activities have become increasingly challenging.

Acuvate’s application maintenance and support is a new-gen offering that leverages AI technology to automate health checks, root cause analysis and patch management and updates. Using our IP we help reduce manual effort, optimize mean time to repair (MTTR) resulting in accelerated time to market and cost-efficiency.

Our Managed Services
Access Management
Availability & Continuity
Performance monitoring
Application Support
Change Request Management
DB Management
Apps hosted in Azure
  • ERP (L1 & L2 only)
  • CRM, Others (full lifecycle)
Full lifecycle support for
  • Power Platform apps
  • MS Teams Apps
  • SharePoint Apps
Proactive recommendation on app operations

How we Do It


Acuvate’s IP portfolio comprising of BotCore, Optimum, and Azure Cost Optimization (ACO) leveraging AI technologies for intelligent automation are planted to practice efficiently. Our accelerators have demonstrated outcomes in reducing cost, increasing predictability, and service levels. 

Right from the round the clock availability of a support agent for a quick resolution to RPA bots in ACO granting role-based access, upon approval, to different systems without any wait time our IP handles it all. Reducing the SLA from hours to a few minutes, if not seconds, immensely boosts productivity and uptimes. Predictive maintenance on application and infrastructure to optimize and ensure uptime is our forte.

Our IP in infra optimization in most cases had carved out potential cost reductions of 30+% and constantly keep monitoring the various applications, SharePoint sites, content on usage, and access and recommend actions like purge or consolidation.

  • Support desk
  • L0 support
  • Agent support
  • Knowledge database
  • Triage requests


  • End point analytics
  • Anomaly detection
  • Context aware, Incident prediction and self heal
  • Access management
  • Graph based artificial neural network
  • ML Ops
  • Data Ops
  • Predictive reporting


  • Server sizing
  • Server provisioning
  • Configuration management
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • DM Management
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Azure monitoring

Process & Framework

Office 365 Support Service Security

ITIL Certified

  • ITIL framework driven processes
  • Mandatory ITIL foundation certification for all team members

Office 365 Support Service Desk


  • Onsite / Offshore model for Global coverage
  • 24X7 Support
  • Cost leverage with Offshore rates
  • Offices around the globe for a near shore requirement

Powerapps Enterprise Grade Security

ISO 27001 Certified

  • GDPR compliance
  • All resources trained in ISO principles
  • Quarterly Audits to ensure strict compliance


Office 365 Support Services Certified

Certified expertise

Office 365 Support Services Investment

Maximize Investment

Office 365 Support Services Adoption

Accelerated adoption

Office 365 Support Services Up To Date

Always up to date

Office 365 Support Services Productivity

Increase Productivity

Office 365 Support Services Secure And Compliance

Safe secure and Compliant

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