Success Stories Admin January 15, 2022
Acuvate’s Enterprise-Wide Generative AI Platform: A Force Multiplier for Global Consumer Products Major Case Study
The Generative AI platform transformed a decentralized and fragmented generative AI environment into a unified platform that streamlined Generative AI applications across the customer’s enterprise.
Revolutionizing Truck Pre-Check with Machine Vision and Generative A Case Study
Discover how Acuvate's innovative use of machine vision and AI transformed the truck pre-check-in process, enhancing efficiency, reducing manual labour, and optimizing the supply chain.
Transforming Supply Chain Efficiency: A Digital Success Story in Retail and Hospitality Case Study
Explore how a leading retail and hospitality group revolutionized its supply chain management with advanced automation, dramatically enhancing operational efficiency and setting a new standard for excellence
Preserving Tradition Through Innovation: Digitizing a Century of Sharia Knowledge Case Study
Explore how a leading Sharia department transformed its century-old repository into a cutting-edge digital library, enhancing accessibility and efficiency while honoring Islamic banking traditions.
Revolutionizing Sharia Knowledge Management: A Digital Leap Forward in Islamic Banking Case Study
Discover how a leading Islamic bank's Sharia team transformed knowledge management with a cutting-edge digital platform, enhancing research efficiency, collaboration, and informed decision-making.
Efficiency Unleashed: Revolutionizing Sharia Team Operations Case Study
Witness Acuvate's digital solution revolutionizing operations for a top UAE bank's Sharia team, driving efficiency and setting the standard for banking sector excellence.
Streamlining Product Approvals: A Digital Leap for Islamic Banking Case Study
Witness the digital transformation of an Islamic bank's product approval process, driving efficiency and satisfaction in the dynamic realm of Islamic banking.
Enhancing Sales Effectiveness for a Leading Sharia Bank in the UAE Case Study
Discover how our innovative solution revolutionized cross-selling dynamics, driving revenue growth and operational efficiency for a leading player in the Islamic banking sector.
Transforming Financial Operations: A Generative AI Revolution in Bot Management Case Study
Discover how a leading finance company transformed their operational efficiency and reduced administrative burdens with the power of Generative AI, achieving significant time savings and enhanced productivity in bot management.
Transforming Construction Inspections with AI: 80% Accuracy in Detecting Accessibility Violations Case Study
Discover how a leading public-benefit corporation revolutionized school construction inspections, achieving unprecedented accuracy and efficiency with AI-powered accessibility violation detection, significantly boosting productivity and ensuring compliance.
Revolutionizing Ophthalmic Care: Achieving 80% Accuracy in Cataract Detection with Advanced Analytics Case Study
Discover how a leading UK Ophthalmology unit transformed cataract detection, reducing examination times and enhancing diagnostic precision through Acuvate's advanced analytics and machine learning solution, leading to optimized operations and improved patient outcomes.
95% Acceleration in Response Time with Co-Pilot-Powered Transformation in the Energy Sector Case Study
Witness the journey from fragmented processes to unified efficiency, fostering enhanced productivity, streamlined communication, and fortified data security in the dynamic landscape of the energy transition.
Data-Driven Logistics Mastery: Transforming Global Delivery with Power Apps Case Study
Witness the power of data-driven decision-making, streamlined workflows, and enhanced customer satisfaction in the world of shipping and transportation
Enhancing Insurance Claims Efficiency: The Power of Generative AI Narratives Case Study
Discover a new era in insurance claim processing with Acuvate's innovative Generative AI solution. Experience streamlined workflows, standardized documentation, and remarkable improvements in quality, cost reduction, and clinician productivity.
Turning Clinical Data into Actionable Insights with Generative AI- Powered Clinician Assistant Case Study
Unlock the power of Generative AI in healthcare with our Clinician Assistant solution. Experience a 90% reduction in information discovery time, a 10X boost in clinician productivity, and elevated patient care quality
Revolutionizing Culinary Exploration with Acuvate's Recipe Recommendation Bot Case Study
Delve into the culinary revolution with Acuvate's AI-powered solution, 'WhatsForDinner'. Witness how it transforms the culinary landscape, offering personalized recipe recommendations, driving user satisfaction, and fostering culinary exploration in the global consumer goods industry.
Revolutionizing Perioperative Care: A Journey Towards Enhanced Recovery and Patient Well-Being Powered by Vertex AI Case Study
Discover how Vertex AI empowers perioperative care with Acuvate's ERAS solution. See a 45% reduction in Length of Stay and enhanced patient satisfaction through proactive care alerts. Experience a new era in healthcare efficiency and well-being.
Search Revolution: A 30% Boost in Productivity for Global Teams Case Study
Unlock 30% efficiency surge with Cognitive SharePoint Search by Azure OpenAI. Elevate content retrieval, streamline multimedia searches, and fast-track knowledge access for a global professional services giant with 100,000+ employees.
Revolutionizing Operations: How a Global CPG Company Achieved a 60% Increase with Agent Assist Case Study
Join the revolution in customer support as a global CPG leader unlocks a 60% surge in productivity with Agent Assist. Experience streamlined operations, cost reductions, and accelerated agent training
Leading Professional Services Firm Harnessing Generative AI for 50% Faster Design Documentation Case Study
Explore how a leading professional services firm achieved 60% surge in productivity Witness the transformation from labour-intensive processes to streamlined workflows with Acuvate's Generative AI-powered Design Documentation Automation.
Efficiency Unleashed: A 40% Faster Budgeting Revolution with Generative AI Case Study
Discover how Acuvate's Generative AI solution propelled a distinguished law firm into a new era of budgeting—slashing processing times by 40%, reducing costs, and enhancing accuracy, all while fortifying client trust and operational excellence.
Urban Wastewater Efficiency: A 60% Boost with Data Revolution Case Study
Witness a 60% efficiency surge and 15% cost savings as Acuvate transforms the Metropolitan Wastewater Department with groundbreaking data analytics, ushering in a new era of urban wastewater management.
Navigating Data Disorder to Crystal Clear Waters: The Urban Water Supply Bureau's Transformation Case Study
Witness the Urban Water Supply Bureau's journey from data chaos to clarity, where Acuvate's data modernization and machine learning innovations ensure rapid, accurate reporting, and the delivery of top-notch drinking water, now 40% faster.
An American Conglomerate Increases Customer Satisfaction by 60% with Generative AI- Powered Conversational Commerce Chatbot Case Study
Explore how Acuvate's chatbot revolutionized customer engagement, boosting satisfaction and streamlining interactions for an American Conglomerate.
AI for Beauty and Wellness: A Customer Data Platform Case Study Case Study
Explore the transformation in consumer goods as Acuvate's AI solution unifies analytics, unveiling comprehensive customer insights, driving strategic decisions, optimizing spending, and elevating customer engagement in the beauty and wellness industry.
Elevating Travel Experiences: 90% Customer Experience Boost with Co-Pilot Studio Case Study
Uncover how Acuvate's Generative AI-powered customer engagement chatbot navigates challenges, saving time, boosting bookings, and elevating customer satisfaction for a leading US cruise line.
Microsoft Bot Framework Elevates Employee Interaction and Reshapes Query Resolution Case Study
Uncover the transformative journey of Acuvate's chatbot, from slashing query resolution times to unlocking knowledge and boosting productivity, witness the remarkable impact on employee satisfaction and operational efficiency.
Transforming IT Support with Intelligent Chatbot Solutions Case Study
Discover the transformative potential of Acuvate's Intelligent Chatbot Solutions at a Law Firm, enhancing accuracy and productivity. Experience user satisfaction with Co-Pilot Studio Integration and Microsoft Cognitive Services for user-friendly IT support.
Efficiency Unleashed: The Procurement Revolution with Acuvate's Intelligent Chatbot Case Study
Acuvate's Procurement Chatbot saves three full-time roles, streamlining operations, and elevating customer satisfaction for a global industry leader in personal care and consumer goods.
Co-Pilot Studio Enhances Employee Productivity in Consumer Services Industry Case Study
Discover how Acuvate transformed a prominent Consumer Services Provider, bridging communication gaps, and elevating productivity through a seamless integration of Intranet Portal and Employee Chatbot solutions.
Transforming Customer Support with Generative AI Email Automation Case Study
Experience efficiency and excellence redefined in customer service as the largest water bottling company achieves 90% productivity enhancement with Generative AI Email automation solution.
A Multinational Corporation Empowers Workforce with Acuvate’s HR & IT Bot Case Study
This innovation aims to simplify and empower the daily lives of a global workforce, offering a unified digital experience across nine languages.
Generative AI-Driven Clinician Assistant Revolutionizes Information Retrieval Case Study
Empowering healthcare professionals, the Clinician Assistant revolutionizes decision-making, achieving a 25% reduction in turnaround time through streamlined information retrieval.
Acuvate Enhances Global Factory Efficiency by Revolutionizing Data Capture & Analysis Case Study
A large Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company elevates data capture and analysis for its global factories. This strategic initiative aims to drive efficiency, optimize processes, and unlock new levels of operational insight.
Acuvate’s State-Of-The-Art AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain Solutions enabled a Metropolis Department resolve complaints quicker and Case Study
With digital transformation interventions, the metropolis department automated penalizing of violators, resolved citizen complaints quicker, enhanced transparency in asbestos certification, resulting in savings of up to $12.5 million/year.
Ensure Driver Safety with Acuvate’s ML Solution Case Study
Waste management company has implemented a machine learning solution to enhance driver safety, resulting in a 30% reduction in insurance payouts and an 80% decrease in accidents.
Unilever’s Baby Dove Offers Moms A Community They Can Trust While Reducing CAC by 85% With Chatbot Built by Acuvate Case Study
Unilever - Baby Dove with the help of Acuvate, integrated an award-winning chatbot with the brand’s Facebook messenger to engage new parents in community-building efforts through relevant, hyper-personalized content and recommendations
Delivering Public Safety and Environmental Sustainability with Acuvate’s Digital Transformation Interventions Case Study
With Acuvate’s innovative tech-led solutions, a water supply department was able to automate penalizing violators, resolve citizen complaints quicker, enhance transparency in asbestos certification, and save up to $12.5 million/year.
Partner with Acuvate To Leverage Conversational AI for Exceptional Consumer Experience Case Study
A global technology corporation giant and one of the largest manufacturers of PCs and tablets enhanced their operational efficiency, accessed region-specific data in real-time, delivered exceptional customer experiences and saved approximately 35-40 minutes per report.
Accelerate Your Manual Inspection Processes with Acuvate's Teams App Case Study
An Inspection App helped a Metropolis' Water Supply with real-time reporting, resulting in 80% time savings, 100% data integrity and the saving of 75,000 paper annually.
Seamless Process Optimization with Acuvate Case Study
A Frozen desserts company enhanced processes, optimized inventory, ran more effective campaigns, and increased sales by 17% and reduced ice-cream wastage by 22% with Acuvate’s Next-Gen IoT Solution.
Accelerate Digital Transformation with Acuvate’s Data Modernization and Conversational AI Solutions CASE STUDY
A leading Telecom Provider enhanced operational efficiency, minimized diesel pilferage, and saved a MILLION dollars within the first year of implementation of IoT solution.
Achieve Maximum Sustainability with Acuvate’s State-Of-The-Art Data & Sustainability Solutions CASE STUDY
A multinational consumer goods company achieved sustainability results by completely digitizing its supply chain & manufacturing, and by leveraging state-of-the-art end-to-end data solutions with reports built in power BI.
Customized Conversational Bots Powered by Artificial Intelligence Case Study
A CPG giant with over 400 brands adopted Acuvate’s BotCore as their prime customer experience platform, rolling out as many as 25 chatbots to converse with customers on varied topics, from haircare to beauty product recommendation and more and achieved 95% CSAT
Conversational AI Platform for Enhanced Employee Experience CASE STUDY
A British multinational consumer good giant with over 160,000+ employees adopted Botcore as their user experience platform, saved 47% employee time and improved CSAT by 30%
Accelerate Digital Transformation with Acuvate’s Data Modernization and Conversational AI Solutions CASE STUDY
The organization providing water supply to over 8 million people identified and corrected water issues in real-time, minimized SLA delays and achieved a 90% reduction in invoice processing time with Data Modernization. With a 24/7 employee chatbot freed up HR time up to 60 person weeks annually.
Accelerate Innovation with Acuvate’s End-to-End Data Analytics Solution Case Study
A global CPG major with presence in 190+ countries witnessed a staggering 30% increase in its innovation projects, a significant decrease in review time and saved up to 1500 person-hours with Acuvate's Innovation Insights.
Streamlining Approvals & Expenditures: The Modernized AFE Process Case Study
A leading Oil & Gas company saved 50% time, achieved 80% faster response & reduced 7x paper usage with a modernized AFE solution built using Power Platform & Azure.
Intelligent knowledge management for empowering workforce Case Study
Knowledge Capture Assistant enabled Geo Scientists of a large oil & gas company to efficiently capture real-time voice input and convert geological terms into text.
Improving operational efficiency by digitizing and automating Master Material Request (MMR) process Case Study
Digitization and automation of SAP MMR process at an oil & gas company resulted in a 70% reduction in manual intervention, eliminated personal training, and provided complete visibility.
Return to Workplace App Keeps Global CPG Leader Running Smoothly Case Study
An app built using Microsoft Power Platform to safely return employees to the workplace while meeting pandemic regulations, helped track employee health, and reduced operational costs.
Streamlining Content Migration for Fire and Rescue Services with Acuvate's M365 Expertise Case Study
A fire service provider moved files from various sources to Office 365 and saw significant gains, achieved 50-60% faster time to market, reduced latency, improved efficiency, and seamless file transfer.
Fit to Work: A Modern Solution for Safe Returns to the Workplace Case Study
FitForWork, a cost-effective application built using Microsoft Power Apps, helped a leading Canadian community healthcare provider ensure the safety of their frontline workers.
Classifying Emails with Confidence: A Compliant Automation Solution Case Study
Banking industry adopted a claims automation solution to improve customer experience that also resulted in reduction of manual errors & improved employee productivity.
Empowering HR with modern PowerApps Solution that automates HR request application Case Study
A modern HR solution built using Power Apps saved 80% time and reduced effort by 50% for a leading Oil & Gas company.
Unlocking Business Insights with Acuvate's Power BI Solution Case Study
A leading law firm adopted Power BI to enhance decision maling, which also led to a 15% increase in revenue & improved productivity
AI streamlines data extraction & validation with increased efficiency Case Study
AI-powered forms automation solution improved data extraction accuracy to nearly 100% for an insurance company by reducing manual errors and speeding up data translation.
Vehicle counting & classification solution for sustainability & infrastructure goals. Case Study
A vehicle counting and classification solution assisted a Transportation Department in enhancing safety and infrastructure through pattern recognition and real-time alerts with image evidence
Smart city infrastructure & sustainability solutions to decrease air, noise, and hazardous materials pollution. Case Study
Smart city infrastructure & sustainability solutions increased revenue for a global metropolis , eliminated manual efforts and boosted fine revenue
A site monitoring solution for improving site surveillance and worker safety Case Study
Site monitoring solutions improve oil & gas operations by optimizing site surveillance, enhancing safety and efficiency for site managers, supervisors, and administrators.
Virtual assistants for citizens & employees Case Study
Virtual assistants improve citizen and employee experiences while reducing costs, providing 24/7 access across all devices, and boosting employee productivity
Water Quality Monitoring With The Field Activity App Case Study
Activity App, A Custom Power App Solution, Saves Up To 80% Of The Time, Eliminates Manual Data Entry, And Provides Real-Time Visibility. 
Water Treatment Operations At Metropolitan  Case Study
Wto Field App, Built On The Power App Platform, Improves Efficiency, Effectiveness, And Data Quality Through Real-Time Collaboration, Notifications, And Offline Data Collection Capabilities.

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