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Advanced Analytics

Make Data Your Greatest Asset for an Exponential Growth

When it comes to enterprise data, more is always better but not until you know how to use it to your advantage. In this age of IoT and connectivity, utilizing Enterprise Data as a Product with necessary security and governance is not a need but an imperative. Every enterprise is investing in creating a Data Mesh to drive business value for their organization by unlocking insights from data which has been dark and inaccessible hitherto. However, creating the right information strategy to derive the best insights in order to accelerate growth requires more than just the right skills and talents.

We, at Acuvate, believe that to fully utilize data, an organization needs three capabilities – identify, combine and manage data from various sources, create advanced analytics models to predict outcomes, and bring changes in the organization to ensure the right flow of data. This is where our Advanced Analytics services come into effect as we help our clients unlock the truest potential of data through a range of analytics services and solutions that are designed to connect enterprise data to real value.

The journey we take our customers through

The journey we take our customers through

Why do you need Advanced Analytics



Anticipate and solve setbacks

Personalize customer experience


Streamline operations


Deliver relevant products

Measure campaign ROI accurately

Accelerate time to market

Acuvate's Impact

How Can We Help You

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Build highly customizable solutions backed by advanced ML solutions to achieve greater customer satisfaction and a competitive edge over others. With our ML offerings, you can also integrate the advanced algorithms with your existing image and video analytics.


Now predict the future and its ups and downs by combining the forces of your historical data and our powerful data modeling and mining techniques along with ML. We are here to help you build scalable predictive models real quick with our innovative tools designed to build and run models anywhere and any time.

Prescriptive Analytics

Leverage our best-in-class technology to close the gap between insights and decisions. From real-time recommendations to enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, and increasing savings, Acuvate’s prescriptive analytics offerings are truly meant for making your business the fastest growing.

Text Analytics NLP

Text Analytics & NLP

Unlock and uncover rich patterns and hidden yet invaluable insights from your data using our text analytics offerings to solve your key business problems. We help businesses turn numerical data into actionable insights as well as structure scattered data to drive growth.



Achieve optimal return on investment, cost, revenue or margin in a given decision framework within the defined business constraints and business objectives eg., Maximize marketing effectiveness across channels, inventory optimisation, Route optimization etc.,

IOT Analytics

IOT Analytics

Enable your IoT devices to drive more value as our predictive maintenance solutions helps businesses schedule repetitive maintenance tasks, effectively reducing unplanned downtime of machines resulting in cost savings and enhanced equipment performance.

Our Migration Framework

Cognitive and analytics are in Acuvate’s DNA as we believe when intelligence is applied to derive actionable insights into the future, the true value of data is realized. This data forward approach is embedded in every step we take, every solution we build. Our combined cognitive capabilities—including AI, ML and IoT—fuel our innovation and empower our valued customers to create an intelligent enterprise today ready for the dataverse of tomorrow.


  • Business case development
  • Data discovery
  • Data preparation


  • Feature engineering
  • Model development
  • Model validation


  • Production deployment
  • KPIs & reports
  • Inferences & insights

Platforms We Cover

Acuvate Accelerators

Acuvate’s in-house migration and governance solution, simplifies, expedites, and automates the migration process and ensures successful migration with high accuracy.

Advanced analytics platform designed to deliver real time, accurate insights  empowering effective decision making and Trade Promotion Optimization.

Why Choose Acuvate

Dedicated Team of Experts

A cross-functional and dedicated team of industry’s best engineers, solution architects and support staff to offer you the right support right when you need it.

Proven Industry Experience

Our digital experts have decades of experience in assisting enterprises in managing their on-premises and cloud-native architectures across all industries.

Fail-proof Methodologies

15 years of experience in serving some of the leaders gives you an edge over others. And that’s where our strength lies as our approach and methodologies are applauded by many.

Advanced specilizations

Analytics on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization is an endorsement of Acuvate’s deep experience in planning and delivering analytics solutions in Microsoft Azure, enabling customers to use the full breadth of their data assets

Key Differentiators

25 person-years

experience in research, design &

AI & ML based

accelerators with
IP rights

7+ years experience

in AI/ML apps and chatbot


AI powered chatbots

Proven expertise

in setting up Chatbots Center of
Excellence (CoE)


Advanced Analytics

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Retailers always sit on a humongous heap of data. The problem here is not about quantity, it is about the quality of data and making data work to help them make quick decisions.


“By far the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it,” says an American AI researcher.


Gartner predicts that the number of large enterprises that use AI in IT ops to combine big data and ML functionality to enhance or optimize IT operations and automate processes and tasks will grow by 40% by 2023.


Because today decision-makers need much more than just data – they need actionable insights which are crisp, meaningful and enable a forward-thinking approach.

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