AI-Powered Autonomous Digital Intranet

AI-Powered Autonomous Digital IntranetWhy Mesh?Built With The Best Of Microsoft Technologies: Azure, Graph, LUIS and more!Boost Productivity & CollaborationEnhance Business EfficiencyIncrease Employee EngagementCentral Information Hub to create a “connected” workforce.14+ Years Experience in Microsoft & Digital workplace Technologies Knowledge ManagementMesh 3.0 uses applied AI to create a smart content repository with automated metadata management and

Collaboration During Pandemics Through The Modern Digital Workplace

Collaboration During Pandemics Through The Modern Digital WorkplaceThe COVID-19 pandemic has become a huge global crisis and is growing at an exponential rate – with no signs of slowing down. As per recent reports, there are over 170,000+ confirmed across 100+ countries. And new cases are being reported every day!Governments and organizations are taking immediate

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