How Intranets Are Driving The Return To Workplace V1
How Intranets are Driving the Return to Workplace

How Intranets are Driving the Return to Workplace As countries across the globe are starting to ease up on COVID-19 restrictions, organizations are working harder than ever to facilitate a smooth transition for their employees as they start returning back to work. Securing their employees’ well being while ensuring productivity and continued efficiency is a

Return To Workplace Strategy 4 Key Considerations You Should Know (2)
Return To Workplace Strategy

Return To Workplace Strategy:4 Key Considerations You Should KnowThe COVID-19 pandemic has pushed companies to facilitate work-from-home for their employees. What used to be a perk has become a necessity in today’s unprecedented times. 49% of the businesses surveyed by PwC say that they’re planning to make remote work a permanent option for their workforce

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