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Acuvate’s BI bot allows decision-makers to get granular business insights and metrics right within their actively used messaging application via chat. The bot gives a persona to your BI system and eliminates the hassle of switching multiple dashboards and filtering data.

Integrate an AI chatbot with your BI systems like Power BI, Oracle, Qlik, etc.

With Acuvate’s Business Intelligence bot, you can get data and analytics within your 3rd party messaging applications like Skype For Business, Skype, Slack and many more. You can simply ask natural language questions like “What is my predicted sales” and the bot will instantly answer via text or any multimedia format (image, graphs, pie charts etc.). Using the bot, you don’t even have to login to your BI system or switch multiple apps to access analytics and data.

Business Intelligence

Features of our BI Bot

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natural conversations

Natural Conversations

  • Uses AI, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning

  • Adopts to office jargon

  • Easily understands user’s intent

real time alerts

Real-Time Alerts

  • Sends key data/ analytics updates and alerts  relevant to the user

  • Swiftly updates the user if there are any new data anomalies

  • Personalized alerts based on users’ department, location, hierarchy etc.

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  • User Authentication

  • User Authorization

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • One Time Authorization

  • Channel Authorization

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Seamless Integration

  • The bot can seamlessly extract data from BI and LOB systems like ERP, CRM, Data warehouses etc.

  • Hasslefree and quick integration into any of the current BI softwares.

  • It can also be used for making transactions with your LOB systems or searching for your documents.


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Lightning speed responses

Real Time Information

 24/7 Availability


 Real-Time Alerts


Data at fingertips

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Analytics assistant in         group chats


Enterprise-Grade Security

multidevice support

 Multi-Device  Support

conversational Interface



Seamless integration into multiple data systems

Our Customers Around The World

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Acuvate Clients

Integrations Available with

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Acuvate’s BI bot can integrate into any of the top BI systems and conversational channels available today.

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Beat Competition With Faster Decision-Making

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Being an analytical competitor is becoming imperative for businesses to stay relevant. Our Business Intelligence chatbot promotes a culture of analytics within your organization as BI data is just a chat away from employees. The bot can be accessed both on a desktop/laptop or a mobile device and conveniently fits in employees’ daily workflows.

Industries We Serve

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Consumer Goods


Legal, Finance and Banking

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Healthcare and Pharma

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Travel and Hospitality



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Retail/ eCommerce

Digital transformation across the enterprise


Construction Manufacturing

Construction and Manufacturing

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Marketing and Advertising

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