Azure Cost Optimization Admin May 18, 2022

Azure Cost Optimization

Unlock a cost-optimized Azure infrastructure with AI. 
Eliminate unused resources and maximize the value of your cloud cost spend in no time.

Monitor, calibrate, and optimize your Azure resources automatically so that you spend less.

Azure cost management delivers the most actionable optimization recommendations with the power of AI at your fingertips. On average, 30% – 50% of cloud infrastructure spend today is directly linked to a lack of proper resource management in place. This cloud cost optimization intelligence tool helps you in predictive rightsizing of Azure workloads to eliminate unnecessary spend and ensure optimal performance.

Did you know? In 2020, companies will waste over $17 billion in cloud spend on idle and excess resources, according to

Cut Your
Cloud Spend By

0 +%

Effective Cloud Cost Management & Optimization With Azure Cost Optimization (ACO)

Helping Engineering And Finance Team In Lowering Azure Cloud Costs

Take control of cost, besides continuously optimizing infrastructure flooring the building of modern and scalable applications.

Reduce excess overrun costs by identifying and eliminating the right resources for optimal cloud performance.

Detect anomalies to power an intelligent alerting mechanism and combine with historic data to forecast accurately

Key Features

Why ACO?

potential cost reductions

Carve out potential cost reductions of 30+%.

predictive notifications

AI based intelligent notification with proactive and predictive notifications.

accurate planning of budget

Predictive forecasting, accurate planning of budget.

Inbuilt actionable robots

Inbuilt actionable robots for auto provisioning eliminating human errors.

Transforming IT Operations With AI

A glance at the breadth of our offering 

  • Support desk
  • L0 support
  • Agent support
  • Knowledge database
  • Triage requests
  • End point analytics
  • Anomaly detection
  • Context aware, Incident prediction and self heal
  • Access management
  • Graph based artificial neural network
  • ML Ops
  • Data Ops
  • Predictive reporting
  • Intelligent Alerting/Noise reduction 
  • Situational understanding 
  • Identify the root cause with Human in the loop. 
  • Cohort Analysis 
  • Infrastructure topology map 
  • Dashboard and Visualizations 

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