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We understand the client’s business and help them implement actionable bi by identifying key KPI’s relevant to their business and their business goals and priorities and help them make better decisions by drilling down on these KPI’s to take actionable decisions by using the right visualization for the various charts which actually enables decision making and advanced visualization by using technologies like D3 etc.

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Reporting needs of Business Users varies depending on their role.
Acuvate delivers these reports with KPI’s using Power BI, Birst and Qlik which are also accessible on Mobile devices.
Integration of these tools and also standalone development is done using D3 controls.
Senior CXO’s require KPI’s across business functions to keep a pulse on the business and these reports need to be accessible on Mobile and need Rich Visualization to clearly highlight Low Lights and High Lights.
Also asking a question of a data point which is not a pre-built report but needed in a review meeting might be very useful

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