CIOs will aggressively apply data and AI to IT operations, tools, and processes by 2021 – IDC

With an increased dependency on IT and the growing amount of scope and complexity, embracing technologies like AI / ML is on the radar for every CIO. The potential and promise of AI is helping organizations intelligently manage infrastructure, applications performance, resilience, support desk efficiency, uptime, and cost advantage.  

Acuvate’s AI-driven managed services (AiDMS) is helping CIOs reduce organizations service desk costs, optimize cloud spending and automate and enhance IT operations through analytics and machine learning (ML).

This managed service is skinned to better predict and transform future outcomes, refocus resources on higher-value work and build more intelligent IT environments that are cost-effective and available 24×7. It enables organizations to introduce automation at the infrastructure level as a service. Key components of this service include the below:


Service desk automation
Intelligent alerts and incident reporting
Reduce event noise
Machine learning
Base lining of performance
Anomaly detection
Root cause analysis automation
Predictive insights and information

Server sizing
Server provisioning
Configuration management
Infrastructure optimization
DM Management
Infrastructure as a code
Application performance monitoring
Azure monitoring

Virtual Assistants

L0 support
L1 & L2 Agent handover
Knowledge database
Triage requests
Service delivery task automation

AiDMS ROI Calculator


This quick and intuitive ROI calculator is designed for CxO’s to estimate the potential cost savings for IT operations concerning Support and Maintenance.

This tool primarily captures the basic information and forecasts the impact and the net ROI that Acuvate’s AiDMS (when implemented) can bring to the organization. This outcome prediction will help CxOs in understanding the cost + efficiency savings.

Furthermore, it sheds light on the additional budget that can be freed up for further allocation to Business Transformation IT projects.

Basic Info

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Why AiDMS?


Productivity gains from the elimination of low-value, repetitive tasks across the incident lifecycle 


Rapid issue remediation with faster root cause analysis 


Better infrastructure performance through noise reduction

30 Percent Cost Saving

Overall cost reduction leaving more budget for transformation activities

Source: The State of AIOps 

Aidms Overview

How We Do It


Acuvate’s IP portfolio comprising of BotCore, Optimum, and Azure Cost Optimization (ACO) leveraging AI technologies for intelligent automation are planted to practice efficiently. Our accelerators have demonstrated outcomes in reducing cost, increasing predictability, and service levels. 

Right from the round the clock availability of a support agent for a quick resolution to RPA bots in ACO granting role-based access, upon approval, to different systems without any wait time our IP handles it all. Reducing the SLA from hours to a few minutes, if not seconds, immensely boosts productivity and uptimes. Predictive maintenance on application and infrastructure to optimize and ensure uptime is our forte.

Our IP in infra optimization in most cases had carved out potential cost reductions of 30+% and constantly keep monitoring the various applications, SharePoint sites, content on usage, and access and recommend actions like purge or consolidation.

Solution Philosophy



  • L0 IT Helpdesk Virtual Agent
  • Server Monitoring
  • Log-stream Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Availability & Performance Monitoring
  • Intelligent Alerts & Incident Reporting
Application Support Services


  • Security & Compliance
  • Anti-Malware & Spam Updates
  • User Training
  • Network Load Balancing
  • Virtual Machine Management
  • Usage & Billing Reports
  • Auto Healing
  • Scaling
  • Azure AD Maintenance
  • Azure Monitor Analysis
  • Firewall Management
  • ITSM Tool Management
Microsoft Azure
  • DevOps
  • L2 Application Support
  • Availability & Uptime
  • DB Maintenance
  • Change Request Management
  • Performance Tuning

Learning & Prediction

  • Updates & Rollouts
  • Proactive Optimization
  • Real-time Analytics
  • False Alert Suppression
  • DataOps
  • MLOps
  • Incident Prediction
  • Problem Prediction
Intranet Webinar

Our IP Used

  • Support desk
  • L0 support
  • Agent support
  • Knowledge database
  • Triage requests
  • Intelligent Alerting/Noise reduction
  • Situational understanding
  • Identify the root cause with Human in the loop
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Infrastructure topology map
  • Dashboard and Visualisations
  • End point analytics
  • Anomaly detection
  • Context aware, Incident prediction and self-heal
  • Access management
  • Graph-based artificial neural network
  • ML Ops
  • Data Ops
  • Predictive reporting
  • Server sizing
  • Server provisioning
  • Configuration management
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • DM Management
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Azure monitoring

Our Execution Methodology


What we Do

  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Security & Compliance
  • Product Update rollout
  • Access Control
  • Service Desk
  • Configuration Management
  • SLA Monitoring & Adherence
  • Continuous Process Improvements
  • User Training’s
  • Anti-Malware & Spam updates
  • Knowledge Database
  • Server Monitoring
  • Usage & Billing Reports
  • Application Monitoring
  • Service Desk
  • High availability
  • DevOps Support
  • Patch Management
  • Security & Compliances
  • Pro active optimization
  • Anti-Virus & Malware Management
  • Active Directory Maintenance
  • DDoS protection
  • Network – Load balancing
  • Firewall monitoring
  • Virtual Machine Management
  • Advance ATP solution
  • Access Management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Availability & Continuity
  • Security
  • DB Management
  • Pro active recommendation on app operations
  • DevOps
  • Apps hosted in Azure
    • ERP (L1 & L2 only)
    • CRM, Others (full lifecycle)
  • Application Support
  • Full lifecycle support for
    • Power Platform apps
    • MS Teams Apps
    • SharePoint apps
  • Change Request Management
  • Real-time Unified End point Analytics dashboard​
  • Context aware​
  • DataOps​
  • Infrastructure as code​
  • MLOps​
  • Predict changes that could cause Incidents and Problems and take proactive steps
  • Anomaly detection based on Normal behaviour​
  • Graph-based artificial neural network
  • Suppress redundant or false alerts

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