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“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.” – Gartner

Enterprises generate data at an inconceivable rate with high volume, velocity and from a variety of data sources . But its true value often remain untapped by most companies and data veracity often remains a challenge. We help you resolve this situation by ensuring your data remains high-quality, transparent, manageable, understandable and actionable.

From consulting, integration, visualization to advanced analytics we provide a wide range of analytics and database services. You can choose the ones which suit your business needs.

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Wide Range of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Services to Choose From

Big Data Consulting
and Strategy

A big data  project needs a definitive roadmap. Our consultants help you in project planning, setting up the architecture, combining the various big data sources, assessing for performance ,optimization and beyond.


Inaccurate data results in inaccurate business decisions. Ensure consistent and high-quality data with our data cleansing and governance solutions

Data Warehousing
and Architecture

We build data warehouses based on data modelling. Concrete business intelligence architectures are built to ensure ongoing BI projects groove in seamlessly

Database Services

Our offerings in this space include:

Database upgradation
Database migration
Consulting engagement
Disaster recovery


Advanced Analytics

Start your journey from traditional analytics to AI-powered analytics. Get meaningful insights from your data with predictive and prescriptive analytics

Data Visualization Services

We help you build flexible, visually-rich and mobile-friendly reports and dashboards. Enhance the way you interact with data

Do you have a specific data analytics or BI project in mind?

Industry we serve

Consumer Goods
Banking and Financial Services

Our Industry Expertise

Acuvate’s Compass is a Business Intelligence suite created specifically for Retail and Consumer Good Businesses to drive revenue with data.

We help revenue management, sales, and marketing teams make informed decisions about trade promotions and marketing campaigns. From external data integration to machine learning to advanced analytics, we offer a wide range of industry-specific solutions and services.


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Increase in primary sales by 3% and secondary sales by 12%

Increase in Marketing ROI
by 3%

Increase in market share
by 2%

Decrease in Marketing costs
by 5%

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