Let Data and AI-Powered Analytics recommend you the best marketing campaign to run

CPG data analytics helps understand consumer behaviour, optimize the budget allocation and generate higher returns on your marketing investments.

CPG is an industry which generates a copious amount of data every day. Although this data holds the potential to increase marketing efficiency, unlocking this potential can’t be done with traditional marketing analytics tools.

COMPASS uses advanced marketing analytics for CPG to harness your consumer and market data and turn it into actionable insights. It captures data from all internal and external data sources and leverages it to draw meaningful recommendations and insights to improve your decision-making and optimize marketing spend for different campaigns.

Know how Compass helped a major Consumer Goods company reduce its marketing costs and improve sales using advanced analytics

Major advantages of marketing analytics in CPG and retail

Intelligent Recommendations

Get actionable and prescriptive recommendations on what type of campaign to run, where and when and for which product for the highest sales uplift.

Faster and Accurate Decisions

In a dynamic landscape such as CPG and retail, precise and real-time insights help marketing teams make quicker and more accurate decisions pertaining to resource allocation, campaign planning, promotions and much more.

Improved Targeting

You can use data analytics to understand the behaviour and buying patterns of consumers at the point of sale. This can help you customize your marketing strategies, creatives and target your prospective customers in a personalized way.

Profitably optimize marketing spend

Optimize spend strategically based on the BCG matrix. You can craft cost-efficient strategies that have the ability to deliver the maximum Sales uplift, thus bringing down overall marketing expenses significantly.

Identify New Segments

Detect new market and product segments you can target.

Sales Forecasting

Leverage predictive analytics and machine learning to forecast sales for every marketing campaign to be run.

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What makes compass your trusted partner for marketing analytics?

ROI by campaign type

Compass helps you understand the ROI and sales uplift delivered by different campaign types like TV ads, Banners, Social media, Radio, Print media etc.

Real-Time Data

It is fed with real-time and accurate data from both internal and external data sources and leverages all consumer touch-points. This means you have the most updated and accurate insights from all consumer influencing factors and drivers.

Updates and Insights

This solution keeps you on top of ongoing trends in your campaigns as in which brands are generating the maximum growth, market share and actual sales etc.

Data Integration and Harmonization

Compass integrates and harmonizes all internal and external data silos like social media, past campaign data, weather, events, digital analytics, competitor intelligence and many more.

What-if Scenario Building

Learn the ROI of a marketing campaign before actually running it. Develop what-if scenarios with a desirable budget, campaign and goal parameters.

Chatbot Assistance

Chatbots pull the data and reports from the analytics system and shares the needed insights with you on your preferred messaging channels.

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Results and Revenue Generated

Increase in primary sales by 3% and secondary sales by 12%

Increase in Marketing ROI
by 3%

Increase in market share
by 2%

Decrease in Marketing costs
by 5%

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